Trim Healthy Mama Collection

Almond butter (THM S)
Ginger crunch (low-carb, grain-free, THM S)
Sugar-free scorched almonds (THM S)
Chicken barley soup (extremely frugal dinner)
Chunky salad
Cream potato chunks
Mexican rollups
Mince and zucchini rissoles

Spicy beef casserole (slow cooker recipe, gluten free)

Breads and crackers
Dinner rolls (breadmaker recipe)
Mediterranean scrolls
Naan bread
Overnight bread
Potato focaccia
Quick keto bread (Trim Healthy Mama, gluten-free, low-carb, ketogenic)
Sesame oat crackers (soaked)
Sourdough bread (breadmaker recipe)
Sourdough bread (hand-made)
Three-seed crackers (THM S)
Tortillas (soaked)

Sweet treats
Banana muffins (soaked)
Mini plum crumbles

Banana berry smoothie (with leafy greens)
Berry delight smoothie
Chocolate caramel protein shake (THM FP)
Chocolate dream smoothie
Drinking chocolate mix (fructose-free)

Condiments, spreads and dips
Almond butter (THM S)
Basil pesto
Caramelised onions
Capsicum and tomato pasta sauce
Feta cheese
Herby salad dressing
Mexican seasoning mix
Mint sauce
Queso - a cheesy Mexican dip
Roast vegetable seasoning mix
Tomato pasta sauce

Ingredient preparation
Beans and legumes
Brown rice
Chicken - how to dissect a whole chicken into parts
Chicken stock
Chicken fat
Roast capsicum
Spinach/silverbeet - cooked to reduce oxalic acid
Sprouted flour
Sugar-free sweetened condensed coconut milk (THM S)
Tomatoes - how to freeze whole
Yoghurt - how to turn one yoghurt sachet into four batches