Welcome to Craving Fresh! My name is Emma and I am the wife to one fabulous husband, plus the mother to three very cool children.

My husband and I got married in 2007 in a surprise wedding you can read all about here. On our honeymoon, I saw the book Animal Vegetable Miracle in the airport bookstore. The few paragraphs I skimmed struck a chord so I bought a copy, read it and have forever viewed our food supply chain differently. Eating "local" became my mantra, as I set about planting a vegetable garden in our backyard, adding chickens to the mix (and then giving them away again), and finding other local food sources.

Another great book I came into contact with on our honeymoon was The Best of Annabel Langbein. The recipes looked divine, so I bought a copy and worked my way through it. I now credit Annabel Langbein with teaching me to cook. 

My study of food continued with books by Michael Pollan, which further convinced me that where we source our food from matters.

And then I read the real game changer - Nourishing Traditions. It radically altered my understanding of what a healthy diet is. I now call myself a "real foodie," meaning I try to prepare meals from whole ingredients rather than processed, packaged, added-to, or denatured foods. 

We drink raw whole milk fresh from the farm. I sprout mung beans, make my own yoghurt, kefir and chicken stock. I soak my grains, nuts, seeds and legumes. I've started introducing organ meats to our diet. I eat good fats like coconut oil, butter, olive oil, cod liver oil, beef dripping and chicken schmaltz. I shouldn't eat sugar, but so far haven't managed to kick that addiction.

I run a compost bin and worm farmfilter our water; avoid the microwave; use a menstrual cup; put my babies in cloth diapers instead of disposable; make my own cleaning sprays; wear baking soda instead of deodorant; don't colour my hair; gave birth naturally without pain medication; don't vaccinate the kids; don't give the kids paracetamol; and basically do a number of other things I realise are "alternative" but wish were mainstream. 

I've found the blogs of other women a real lifeline as I've journeyed into motherhood, home-making and preparing real food. My hope is that Craving Fresh will be a similar lifeline to others wanting to live a healthier and more natural life.

Credit: Photos of me taken by the supremely talented Ruth Beale, who runs Hope Photography.