Friday, June 11, 2010

Guest Post - BadgerFox Bakes Pie!

Paul here, Emma's husband.  Emma asked me to do a guest post explaining a little video I put together the other night.  It's a "How to Cook Lime in the Coconut Pie" video, made for the entertainment of the players of MiniMonos.  MiniMonos is the company that I work for, making an online virtual world for kids. Anyway, lots of the kids who play create fan sites, tweet, make fan art and do all sorts of cool things, and somehow in our communication with them, certain themes evolve.  Two of those themes are a song called "Coconut" by Harry Nillson and pie.  The song I'd never heard before, but is quiet catchy and repeats the lyrics "You put the lime in the coconut" an awful lot.  The pie they talk about refers to sweet American pies (as most of the kids who play are American) not good old Kiwi meat pies.

In MiniMonos I'm known as BadgerFox, a sneaky monkey who makes fun bits and pieces in the virtual world, like raining bananas and talking trees.  A few nights ago, while working on putting a super secret piece of pie into the virtual world (man I love my job) I stumbled on a recipe for Lime in the Coconut Pie.  Now I really don't bake, but the excitement of cooking something crazy and relevant got to me and the video below explains what ensued:

"Put the Lime in the Coconut" Pie from Badger Fox on Vimeo.
And yes... the pie was delicious.


  1. Hilarious! And very yummy looking. Kinda looks like banoffe pie

  2. Hi i am BetaMonkey on mm muahaha


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