Our family is new to homeschooling so I've started this page to share our journey and list together all the useful websites and Facebook groups I've been directed to by trusted New Zealand homeschooling friends. I will keep adding to this page as I come across more useful resources.

Our Homeschool Journey

Launching into homeschooling

What homeschooling looks like this term

My new office / homeschool space

Why we've had to streamline homeschooling in term two

Homeschool organisation and a decision

Our homeschool schedule for term three 2018

Homeschool Activities

Maungauika / North Head

NZ Homeschool Facebook Groups

Eclectic Homeschooling:

Homeschool Curriculum Swap:

Home Education in New Zealand:

New Zealand Homeschool Curriculum: Trade/Sell/Swap:

NZ Homeschool Organisations

Auckland Home Educators:

The Homeschool Group: offers classes in West Auckland one day a week.

To use: Either buy the curriculum or use the sample worksheets to supplement other workbooks.
Print out worksheets for kids to do.

Spotify: Storybots timestables songs

Khan Academy - Online lessons (Maths, Programming, Grammar and more)

Free Maths and other printables at Flanders Family - Free worksheets and activities

Prodigy Game - My kids' favourite way to do maths.

To use: Pull misspelt words from your child's stories and insert them into a worksheet to print off for the next day.

To use: Install the font "Print Clearly - Dashed" on computer and use it to print anything for your children to trace over.

Foreign Languages
Duolingo - Free online lessons in Spanish, French, German, Italian, English, Portugese, Dutch, Irish, Danish, Swedish, High Valyrian, Russian, Swahili, Polish, Chinese, Romanian, Japanese, Greek, Esperanto, Turkish, Vietnamese, Hebrew, Norwegian, Ukrainian, Hungarian, Welsh, Czech and/or Korean.

Bible Verse Printables
Beautiful verses about love by - Click on each bible study and scroll to the bottom to find the printable.

Crafting the Word of God - Simple kids' Bible colouring pages

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