Monday, August 13, 2012

Fitness update and fructose-free hot chocolate recipe

It's August 13 today and I started my get fit plan on July 27. So do you make that 17 or 18 days into my 30-day running trial?

Either way, I'm more than halfway there. Can I hear a "Woot! Woot!"

I've been running lots, and I also subbed in a couple of pilates sessions at home when the rain was too much for me.

I'm feeling more toned, and it looks like I've lost 2KG, which is my goal for the month already so that's good news. (I say "looks like" because I had to change scales halfway through.)

The best thing about exercising is that I don't get as hungry or as sleepy during the day. I used to NEED a nap most days, but now I'm (mostly) surviving till night time. I'm not bouncing off the walls with energy by any means, but it's still an improvement on before.

Food-wise I'm pretty much sticking to the guidelines I told you about previously. Lots of full-fat protein, good fats and vegetables, a normal amount of carbs, some fermented food daily, and way less fructose.

I even made a fructose-free drinking chocolate which is great for getting a chocolate fix without the blood sugar swings. Here's the recipe:

  • 1/2c cocoa
  • 1/2c whole milk powder
  • 1.5c dextrose (AKA brewer's sugar)
  • pinch salt

  1. Sift ingredients and mix together.
  2. Store in an airtight container.
  3. To make your hot chocolate, place a heaped tablespoon or two of the drinking chocolate powder into a coffee mug, top with boiling water and raw milk and stir to enjoy. (I also like to sprinkle mine with a little cinnamon, so try that if your tastes run that way.)

I'm feeling so positive about this change in my life and wondering why I didn't start it yonks ago!


  1. Go Emma! That drinking chocolate sounds nice too :)

  2. Well done Emma? I have also started exercising over th last month and the extra energy is awesome! Doing the no sugar thing too. Hey I tried a yummy home made hot chocolate the other day at a friends and it had Cardamom in it, delicious! P.s ignore question mark after your name, iPad is playing up and I can't edit it, weird. Looking forward to your next blog.
    Jennie Molloy

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