Saturday, April 20, 2013

Flu-fighting feijoa jelly recipe

We brought a lot of feijoas back from Te Puke with us after our Easter break but what remained was getting to the end of its freshness so I whizzed it all up and made this flu-fighting jelly for snacks and lunchbox treats.

L can't get enough of these.

  • Bowl-full of feijoas
  • 1T manuka honey
  • 1 lemon
  • 3t clear, unflavoured gelatine
  • Boiling water to dissolve gelatine

1. Peel feijoas and discard any bruised bits.

2. Squeeze lemon juice over the peeled feijoas to prevent browning and add more vitamin C to the mix.

Tip: Zest the lemon first and freeze zest in a dedicated container in the freezer so you've got it for recipes that only call for lemon zest.

3. Spoon a dollop of manuka honey into the bowl of feijoas for its unique infection-fighting properties and to add sweetness to the jelly.

4. Whizz the feijoas, lemon juice and honey together with a hand blender until completely smooth. You'll be surprised at how much liquid comes out of the solid-looking feijoas.

5. Mix gelatine with enough boiling water to dissolve and then stir through feijoa mixture.

6. Spoon feijoa mixture into ice-block molds, jelly molds and other small, lidded containers and either refrigerate to set and eat at home, or freeze to pull out for lunchbox fillers later.


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