Thursday, October 27, 2011

GIVEAWAY! The Everything Beans Book

I don't know why I didn't think to mention this e-book before. It's called The Everything Beans Book, and it's by Katie of Kitchen Stewardship. (I follow a lot of blogs, but Kitchen Stewardship is one of my absolute favourites.)

I was able to help Katie out by testing a couple of recipes for her when she was putting this book together. In return, she sent me a copy of the completed e-book to say thanks. I was so tired at the time (severely iron deficient in my third trimester with Sophie), that I only got around to opening it the other day.

Now I wish I had found the energy back in March. This is more than a recipe book. Katie spends the first 20 pages laying out the facts about beans - their health benefits, frugality, ways to increase nutritional value, cooking instructions, tips for reducing flatulence (now that's important), and methods for storage.

Food prices are so out of control at the moment, I haven't managed to keep within our grocery budget for six months. Bad times! I'm kicking myself that I didn't start working through The Everything Beans Book earlier, because I'm convinced it would have helped me keep our grocery costs down.

It also would have been good for our health. One of the things I learned from this book is that our bodies encounter lots of impurities that stress out our system. It's the liver's job to clean these impurities out, but the bile in the liver gets gunked up. Beans clean impurities out of the bile in the liver and carry them out of our bodies.

So if you want to give your body a spring clean, eating beans could be a good place to start!

Within the e-book, Katie has included 30 tried and true recipes, like this Chickpea Wrap...

chickpea wraps (25) (500x375)

...and this pasta in white bean sauce (secret beans anyone?).
pasta with white bean sauce (7) (500x375)

She's even found a way to make a Grain-free fudgy chocolate brownie using beans. Way to go Katie!

The reason I'm mentioning The Everything Beans Book to you now is because it's on sale until October 31 2011 EST. Enter the code FALL4BEANS and you'll save US $3 off the normal purchase price of US $9.95.

If you click through to the Kitchen Stewardship e-shop from here, and decide you do want to buy a copy of The Everything Beans Book, I'll even get a cut of the profits for being the one to tell you about it. No pressure though. I know beans aren't everyone's thing!

(This giveaway is now closed.)

Katie is kindly donating a copy of The Everything Beans Book to one Craving Fresh reader. The giveaway opens now and closes 7am (NZ time) next Wednesday 2 November 2011. A winner will be drawn at random and announced on Craving Fresh.
  1. The only mandatory entry is that you check out the table of contents here and comment below telling me which recipe interests you the most.
  2. For an additional entry, sign up to follow Kitchen Stewardship in some way, either Twitter, Facebook, RSS Feed or by subscribing to receive emails. Comment below to say how you're following Kitchen Stewardship
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If you're keen to buy a copy of The Everything Beans Book and want to take advantage of the discount that's going on, but are also hoping you'll win the giveaway, just go ahead and buy the book. If you are the winner, Katie will refund your purchase price, and she's likely to throw in one of her other e-books for free as well. So really, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Good luck!


  1. Oh, I love beans!! Seriously, I go through several cans of good old baked beans a week, and love to add add kidney beans, butter beans, and cannellini beans to all sorts of dishes. When I was in Brazil I had lots of their traditional 'beans and rice'. What's not to love about beans?! (Ok, the obvious, but I see she give some tips, on how to reduce the 'side effects'?) I'd love to try all the recipes, but Mexican Black Bean Burgers grabbed my attention first. And the brownie!!! Thanks for the chance to win. I've signed up to Katie's blog too. :o)

  2. I've started using more and more beans since groceries seem to be climbing far too high. Like Katrina, I ate a lot of beans and rice when I lived in South America, before then the only beans I'd had were canned baked beans (which I now can't stand) I would love to try the Southwestern Pot Pie with Cornbread (another South American staple) and the brownie!

  3. 1.I would love to learn more about beans and the halth benefits they provide. The recipes I would most like to try are the White chicken chilli and lime and the slow cooker lentil and rice casserole.

    2. I am following Kitchen Stewardship via facebook.

    3. I am followin Craving Fresh via facebook.


  4. One of my all time favourite vege recipes is a turtle bean, leek, and aubergine chilli...I'd love to introduce more beans to my repertoire. The vege bean burritos sound especially delicious...
    Dr Kate

  5. I love pesto and I love pasta, so the Pesto "Bean"-fredo sounds intriguing.

  6. I'm following Kitchen Stewardship on facebook.

  7. I'm following Craving Fresh via facebook and Google Friend Connect.

  8. The Mexican Stuffed Peppers sound yummy - tell me more!!!

  9. Sounds yummy. I totally want to make veggie bean burritos!! Sounds amazing. I'm following your facebook page and get emails sent :) I've liked Kitchen Stewardship on facebook.

  10. Well, of course I'd go with the dessert - the fudgy brownies. I love brownies and would like ones that were a little more guilt free. All of the recipes look great, but after the brownies, I want to try the Sausage, Beans, and Greens Soup. That sounds so warm and hearty right now on a cold day in CO! :)

  11. I'm a huge fan of Kitchen Stewardship and am following them on Facebook, Twitter, and now via email updates!

  12. I'm following you on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest! :)

  13. Mmmmmm... the chickpea wraps are what first caught my eye, but I'd have to try to mexican beans and rice as well.

  14. I'm now following Kitchen Stewardship on Facebook

  15. I would love to try the White Chicken Chili with Lime recipe!

    I'm also following Kitchen Stewardship with my google reader & have liked them on Facebook!


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