Menu plans

Here's where I share my (mostly) real food and seasonal menu plan with you for breakfasts, lunches, snacks and dinners. I've included recipe links where I have them, so feel free to peruse my plans for your own meal-time inspiration.

I keep track of what food we have in the house with a Google Drive spreadsheet, which I can check from my phone or computer. This spreadsheet is an invaluable resource menu planning, as it ensures I use the food we already have before buying more. Food gets used when it's fresher, we don't waste as much food and we save money.

Autumn 2013
  • Week 1: Getting back into the groove of menu planning.
  • Week 2: A kitchen stocktake clarifies what food we have in the house which makes menu planning a whole lot easier.
  • Week 3: Loving menu planning for how organised it makes me feel. 
  • Week 4: A wonderful girl's 2nd birthday party.
  • Week 5: Using older pantry staples.
  • Week 6: Remembering prep work.
  • Week 7: Remembering to eat during busy times.

Winter 2013
  • Week 8: Lots to factor in to this week's menu plan.
  • Week 9: Keeping it simple. 
  • Week 10: A Trim Healthy Mama approach.

Spring 2013
  • Week 11: Why it pays to stay on plan.
  • Week 12: First menu plan since the birth of James.

Autumn 2014
  • Week 13: Trim Healthy Mama Fuel Cycle - one week menu plan

Autumn 2016

  • Week 14: Just a regular ol' menu plan
  • Week 15: A more vegetarian menu plan

Winter 2017
  • Week 16: Week one of eating from the pantry
  • Week 17: Week two of eating from the pantry
  • Week 18: Week three of eating from the pantry
  • Week 19: Week four of eating from the pantry