Sunday, June 9, 2013

Weekly menu plan # 9 - Keeping it simple

L relishing our homemade almond butter.

A kiwi blog I'm loving at the moment is Petite Kitchen. It features lots of GAPS-friendly recipes and beautiful photos. I've made the Petite Kitchen Banana Breakfast Cookies two weeks in a row now, because L and I love them so much and they make breakfast really easy on busy mornings. The cookies even taste great frozen, so it's easy to keep them fresh until we're ready to eat them.

If you follow Craving Fresh on Facebook, you'll know that I made my first batch of almond butter this weekend. It's really yummy, but took lots of almonds to make one jar so isn't the most economical spread out there.

I used the almond butter in this week's batch of Banana Breakfast Cookies and in a Chocolate Dream Smoothie. Already the jar is half gone, so I'm thinking this isn't going to be a regular kitchen staple in our house.

What a shame, since almond butter really is so delicious and helps solve the problem of getting stable protein into L's lunchbox at Playcentre, where peanuts are banned for being too allergenic but almonds are allowed.

To do: Thaw vanilla poached apples and pumpkin soup.
Breakfast: Banana Breakfast Cookies (made night before)
Lunch: Out and about with the girls during our Open Home.
Dinner: Eat out for dinner

To do: Make dinner rolls. Make more yoghurt.
Breakfast: Vanilla poached apples (from freezer) and homemade yoghurt.
Lunchbox for L: Berry smoothie pudding. Honey bubble slice. Crackers and homemade almond butter. Homegrown cherry tomatoes.
Dinner: Pumpkin soup and dinner rolls.

To do: Cook cauliflower earlier in day. Thaw Honey mustard chicken casserole. Soak porridge.
Breakfast: Java cream with vanilla poached apples.
Lunchbox for L: Dinner roll with marmite, butter and cheese. Banana Breakfast Cookie. Sliced apple.
Dinner: Cauliflower crust Hawaiian pizza.

To do: Pick up raw milk. Make Soaked pear, ginger and coconut oat muffin.
Breakfast: Soaked apple cinnamon porridge.
Dinner: Honey mustard chicken casserole on rice (from freezer)

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs on toast. Berry delight smoothie (make frozen puddings with leftovers)
Lunchbox for L: Soaked pear, ginger and coconut oat muffin, crackers and butter, homemade yoghurt and frozen berries.
Dinner: Dinner at friends' house.

Breakfast: Banana Breakfast Cookies
Lunchbox for L and S: Soaked pear, ginger and coconut oat muffins,  Berry delight smoothie frozen puddings, popcorn.
Dinner: Garlic prawns (drizzled in Simunovich Garlic Infused Olive Oil) and garden salad.

To do: Make coconut bread.
Breakfast: Scrambled eggs on toast.
Lunch: Coconut Bread served with butter and homemade plum jam.
Dinner: Pumpkin Bake with Mozzarella Topping (using homegrown pumpkin, spinach, silverbeet and carrots, plus store-bought potatoes and cauliflower.

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