Saturday, August 24, 2013

Weekly menu plan # 10 - A Trim Healthy Mama approach

After a long hiatus from menu planning, while we moved house and survived without home Internet for a month (a whole month!), I'm getting back into it.

This week's menu has a Trim Healthy Mama focus, as that's the plan I'm following at the moment to try and get my blood sugar under control, lose weight and gain energy.

(If you haven't already entered the draw to win a copy of the Trim Healthy Mama ebook, do it now. You'll be so pleased if you win.)

In the meantime, here's my snazzy new menu plan:

Click on the image to enlarge it. 
What are you eating this week?


  1. This is great, Emma. Your SIL (?) Louise sent me over here via the THM NZ page. Just wondering about the recipe for the chocolate pumpkin raspberry brownie. Is it from THM? Being properly organised on the plan is my biggest challenge so thanks for the inspiration! Rachel

    1. Hi Rachel, this is the brownie recipe I used, and I poked some frozen raspberries in the top before baking because I love raspberries and chocolate.


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