Sunday, April 28, 2013

Weekly menu plan #3 - Feeling so organised

Well I have to say, I am sold on this weekly menu planning thing. And not just the planning, but the posting it to my blog so I can check it on my iPhone wherever I am.

The food side of life feels so much easier now, and that's freeing me up to do other things like garden and paint our master bedroom.

I'm also spending way less on groceries and wasting less food. Bonus!

To do: Thaw whole chicken for Monday. 
Lunch: Pumpkin soup (featuring pumpkins from church garden and homemade chicken stock) with toast.
Snack: Mandarins and Honey Bubble Slice.
Dinner: Leftovers

To do: Make Paleo Coconut Secret Bars. Soak rice for Tuesday's dinner. Soak porridge for Tuesday's breakfast.
Breakfast: Baked beans on toast for girls and Morning glory muffins for Emma
Lunch: Leftover pumpkin soup
Dinner: Roast chicken, roast potatoes, lychee salad.

To do: Defrost 2c chicken stock for Wednesday's dinner.
Lunch: Chicken sandwiches.
Dinner:  Chicken Korma (using leftover roast chicken) on soaked brown basmati rice, with sauteed cabbage and carrot (from garden).

To do: Make Soaked apple muffins. Soak 1c green/brown lentils, thaw 4c + 2c chicken stock and soak brown basmati rice for Thursday's dinner.
Breakfast: Leftover Chicken Korma.
Lunch: Popcorn and fruit.
Snack: Crackers with cheese, sliced tomatoes and cucumbers.
Dinner:  Lamb Middle Loin Chops, Quinoa Pilaf with Cranberries and Almonds, Garden Salad.

To do: Thaw Vanilla Poached Apples for Friday.
Breakfast: Scrambled eggs on toast.
Lunch: Leftover Quinoa Pilaf.
Dinner: Dal Bhat and Tarkari on soaked rice cooked in chicken stock. 

Breakfast: Scottish Breakfast Pancakes and Vanilla Poached Apples.
Lunch: Leftover Dal Bhat and Tarkari.
Dinner: Lemon pepper tuna, chickpea and orzo salad

To do: Make Sophie's Birthday Cake.
Breakfast: Mini crumbles and homemade yoghurt.
Lunch: Leftover Lemon pepper tuna salad.
Dinner: Gnocchi and homemade pasta sauce.

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  1. Have been following you for a while now.Have been so inspired by your achievements;) I'm now menu planning again and at long last my vege patch is taking shape.Slow going due to 2yo Rocky clay soil and another one due in sep so pressure is on to get it done:) Very much looking forward to home grown food again. We live on the north coast of Qld Aus.


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