Sunday, May 19, 2013

Weekly menu plan # 6 - Remembering prep work

Something I'm loving about menu planning is remembering to do all the prep work before a meal - things like baking, soaking and thawing.

Last week I made two meals with millet - Millet Cakes and Millet Fried Rice. I saved on workload by soaking all the millet together, and then cooking it all together the next day. I refrigerated the cooked millet I would need to make Millet Fried Rice, and used the rest for my millet cakes.

Having thought through the steps while I put my menu plan together made these two dinners so much quicker, easier and healthier to put together. Healthier because I soaked the millet first to release phytase and aid absorption. Also healthier because I remembered to thaw chicken stock to cook the millet in, for extra nutrients.

To do: Make yoghurt. Make Dehydrated crispy green beans.
Breakfast: Baked beans on toast
Lunch:  Leftovers
Dinner: Irish nachos topped with leftover roast chicken, limey refried beans, mung beans, salsa and sour cream.

To do: Soak porridge for Tuesday's breakfast. Make Grain-free Chocolate Raspberry Muffins. Thaw blade steak for Tuesday.
Breakfast: Asian Mince on Rice (from freezer)
L's lunchbox: Honey bubble slice, unhulled crispy pumpkin seeds, mini fruit crumble.
Dinner: Porterhouse steak, Lychee Salad (use cucumber instead of paw paw) and mashed potatoes.

To do: Make Mediterranean Scrolls with leftover mashed potato and basil pesto from freezer.
Breakfast:  Soaked apple porridge.
L's lunchbox: Berry pudding, Mediterranean Scrolls, raw vegetable slices.
Dinner: Wintery Beef Casserole and Mediterranean Scrolls.

To do: Make dough for dinner rolls at 3pm. Thaw 4c chicken stock for Thursday.
Breakfast: Scrambled eggs on toast
Lunchboxes for L and S: Grain-free Chocolate Raspberry Muffins, Popcorn, dried apple slices.
Dinner: Mince and cheese pie (made with leftover casserole) and puff pastry from freezer with garden salad drizzled in Simunovich Lemon Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Breakfast: Latkes (potato pancakes with vegetables)
L's lunchbox: Homemade yoghurt and frozen berries, Marmite and Cheese Sandwich, Chopped Fruit and Vegetables.
Dinner: Salsa cream cheese soup.

To do: Prepare blender vanilla oat pancakes and thaw vanilla poached apple slices. Thaw 6c chicken stock for Saturday's soup.
Breakfast:  Millet cakes (from freezer)
Lunchboxes for L and S: Berry puddings, Sandwiches, Vegetable sticks.
Dinner: Crispy chicken tortillas with salad fixings.

Breakfast: Blender vanilla oat pancakes with vanilla poached apple slices and homemade yoghurt.
Lunch:  Leftovers
Dinner:  Pumpkin soup (from freezer)

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