Sunday, June 2, 2013

Weekly menu plan # 8 - Lots to factor in

Banana Breakfast Cookies

With life being so busy at the moment, I don't always make everything I've planned to at the start of the week. If I've still got all the ingredients for a meal and do still want to make it, I just roll it over into the next week's menu plan.

For my readers this means you may see the same meal planned a couple of weeks in a row, but it's likely we're only getting around to eating it in the second week. Grain-free Raspberry Chocolate Muffins are the exception. We can't get enough of those. Every member of my family is in love with them. As well as being grain-free, they are nut-free, which means I can safely send them off to Kindy with L too. Bonus!

This week I've got to come up with extra uses for pumpkin, as I just harvested two more from my garden, and one of them has a bit of bug damage so will need to be used right away.

I'm also looking for recipes to showcase the Simunovich range of extra virgin olive oil, which they so kindly sent me to review. (A giveaway is also coming soon!)

And the final factor I'm thinking about with this menu plan is that Paul is going to be away most of the week, as he has started his new job in Auckland, so I'm mainly cooking for me and the girls.

To do: Make yoghurt. Thaw lamb chops.
Breakfast: Banana breakfast cookies (made the night before)
Lunch: Eat at friends' house with girls during open home.
Dinner: Paul organising.

To do: Make Coconut Cocoa Date BallsGrain-free Raspberry Chocolate Muffins
Breakfast: Chocolate breakfast smoothie
Lunch: Cauliflower popcorn
Dinner: Lamb chops, Homemade potato chips, celery sticks and Garlicky, minty, mushy pea dip (using Simunovich Garlic Infused Olive Oil)

To do:
Breakfast: Banana breakfast cookies (from freezer)
Lunchbox for L: Coconut Cocoa Date Balls, yoghurt with frozen berries, crackers with butter marmite and cheese.
Dinner: Zucchini Pumpkin Bake with Mozzarella Topping (use homegrown pumpkin and carrots, plus storebought potatoes and cauliflower).

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs on buttered toast.
Lunchboxes for L and S: Grain-free Raspberry Chocolate Muffins, dried apple rings, crackers with butter and marmite.
Dinner: Honey mustard chicken casserole (from freezer)

To do: Bake Grain-free chocolate brownies (with added raspberries) and Coconut Bread
Breakfast: Banana berry smoothie (make 2 small berry pudding with leftovers)
Lunchbox for L: Coconut Bread topped with butter and lime jam. Fruit and chopped vegetables.
Dinner: Asian Mince on Rice (from freezer)

To do: Thaw sausages for Saturday. Soak porridge for Saturday.
Breakfast: Scrambled eggs on buttered toast.
Lunchboxes for L and S: Coconut Cocoa Date BallsCoconut Bread topped with butter and homemade plum jam, Berry Puddings (made with yesterday's leftover smoothie)
Morning tea for Playcentre Mums: Grain-free raspberry chocolate brownie, plus fruit, cheese and crackers from Supermarket.
Dinner: Roast lamb with Sweet Lemon Roasted Tomatoes with Pumpkin and Feta (using homegrown pumpkin and tomatoes, plus Simunovich Lemon Infused Olive Oil)

Breakfast: Soaked apple porridge.
Lunch: Roast lamb sandwiches
Dinner: Classic Bratwurst Sausages with mashed potatoes and salad drizzled in Simunovich Lemon Infused Olive Oil.

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