Monday, May 27, 2013

Weekly menu plan # 7 - Remembering to eat during busy times

As I told you yesterday, life is pretty hectic at the moment, which is why I'm posting this menu plan a day late, and why I'm keeping it simple - mostly just using lots of pre-made/leftover meals from the freezer.

To do: Make Grain-free Raspberry Chocolate Muffins. Thaw pumpkin soup. Soak apple cinnamon porridge.
Breakfast: Millet cakes (from freezer)
Lunch: Eat out with girls during open home.
Dinner: Crispy chicken tortilla wraps.

To do: Prepare Vanilla Oat Pancake batter for Tuesday, make yoghurt and thaw apple slices.
Breakfast: Soaked Apple Cinnamon Porridge.
Lunchboxes for L and S: Popcorn, Grain-free Raspberry Chocolate Muffins, crackers with butter and marmite, mandarins, pottles of raisins, craisins and pumpkin seeds.
Dinner: Pumpkin Soup (from freezer) with butter on toast.

To do: Thaw Honey Mustard Chicken Casserole on Rice. Bake Chocolate Chunk Oat Cookies for shared morning tea.
Breakfast: Blender Vanilla Oat Pancakes with Vanilla poached apple slices
Lunchbox for L:
Dinner: Asian Mince on Rice (from freezer)

To do: Thaw lamb chops for Thursday.
Breakfast: Scrambled eggs on toast.
Lunchboxes for L and S: Chocolate Chunk Oat Cookies, carrot and celery slices, mandarins.
Morning tea for Playcentre Mums: Chocolate Chunk Oat Cookies, Fruit, Crackers with cheese and dip.
Dinner: Honey Mustard Chicken Casserole on Rice (from freezer)

To do: Thaw cooked chicken breasts and 2c chicken stock to cook Friday's rice in.
Breakfast: Latkes (potato pancakes with cauliflower and carrots)
Lunchbox for L: Honey Rice Bubble Slice, dried apple slices, homemade yoghurt and frozen berries, crackers with butter and marmite.
Dinner: Lamb chops, mashed potatoes, green beans and brocolli

Breakfast: Chocolate Smoothie and toast.
Lunchboxes for L and S: Marmite and cheese sandwiches, mandarins, carrot and celery slices with hummus, Grain-free Raspberry Chocolate Muffins.
Dinner: Butter Chicken on Basmati Rice (using cooked chicken breasts from freezer).

To do: Cook cauliflower early in day
Breakfast: Leftover Butter Chicken.
Lunch: Tuna, orzo and egg salad.
Dinner: Cauliflower Crust Pizza.

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