Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Trim Healthy Mama Fuel Cycle menu plan

I've been sort of following Trim Healthy Mama for a while now but am stuck at the same weight as ever. I think I've been cheating free-styling a little too freely so it's time to give my metabolism a shakeup and really get it racing with a One Week Fuel Cycle (chapter 28 / p. 429).

The basic plan is to do three full Deep S days, followed by two full Fuel Pull Days and then two full E days.

Notes about Deep S
Focus on the simplest of S foods - red meat, salmon, eggs, coconut oil and olive oil combined with lots of leafy greens and a few buttered non-starchy vegetables like zucchini, cucumber, cabbage, pumpkin, celery, kale, capsicum, green beans, broccoli, cauliflower and eggplant. Whey protein is OK for smoothies and Tummy Tucking Ice Cream. A small amount of cheese is OK.

No berries, grains, beans, fruit, nuts, seeds, avocado, cottage cheese, yoghurt, ricotta cheese, cream cheese, peas, potatoes, carrots, beetroot or tomatoes. Few onions.

Notes about Fuel Pull
Pull back significantly on S fuels of fat and E fuels of carbs.

Keep fats to strictest of E meal portions (ie. 1t oil).

Can eat tomatoes, oats, lean deli meat, skim mozzarella, Light Laughing Cow cheese wedges, unsweetened almond milk, Joseph's pitas, egg whites, 1% cottage cheese, 0% Greek yoghurt, stevia,

No fruit, except berries. No grains, beans or starchy vegetables. No red meat.

Fill up on lean protein with salads and cooked non-starchy vegetables. Eat lean meat in moderation - no more than 85g / 3 oz. per meal. White chicken, white fish are great.

Use glucomannan powder and products to thicken sauces and desserts.

Notes about Refueling with E
Eat lean protein with every meal to blunt possible sugar spikes.

Swap up E glucose options between sweet potatoes, beans and different grains. Quinoa is great for E days since it's a slow burning carbohydrate. Rolled oats are also good.

Enjoy fruit - ie. one apple, but don't overdo it.

Do not use more than 1t fat with any snack or meal (in addition to natural fat in lean protein).

Can eat low-fat cottage cheese and ricotta, low-fat Greek and regular yoghurt, egg, whites, low-fat kefir, chicken breast and fish (including canned tuna and salmon).

Menu plan
The following menu plan is to help my freestylin' self get organised so I actually have the ingredients and know-how to do this thing:

Day 1 (Deep S)
Breakfast: Serene's steamed omega sensations p. 214

Drink: Earth Milk p. 425 (S version)

Lunch: Thai pumpkin salmon coconut soup

Dinner: Bolar roast with roast low-carb vegetables

Dessert: Decadent chocolate

Read my Day 1 Deep S update here.

Day 2 (Deep S)
Breakfast: Zucchini Fritter p. 217

Drink: Shrinker drink

Lunch: Smoked salmon salad, with homemade extra virgin olive oil dressing

Dinner: Thai beef salad

Dessert: Decadent peppermint chocolate

Read my Day 2 Deep S update here.

Day 3 (Deep S)
Breakfast: Serene's Steamed Omega Sensations p. 214

Drink: Peppermint green tea

Lunch: Smoked salmon salad, with homemade extra virgin olive oil dressing

Dinner: Cajun chicken drumsticks served on a bed of cauliflower rice and Zucchini Fries p. 357

Dessert: Tummy Tucking Icecream p. 368

Read my Day 3 Deep S update here.

Day 4 (Pull the Fuels)
Breakfast: Cookie Bowl Oatmeal p. 232

Drink:  Earth Milk p. 425 (FP version)

Lunch: Loaded Fotato Soup p.294

Snack: Celery sticks with Lite Laughing Cow Cheese wedge

Dinner: Sweet and Spicy Asian Stir Fry p. 341 on Konjac noodles

Dessert: Tummy Tucking Icecream p. 368

Read my Day 4 Fuel Pull update here.

Day 5 (Pull the Fuels)
Breakfast: Egg white omelette p. 217

Drink: Big Boy Berry Smoothie p. 242

Lunch: Pumpkin soup cooked in light chicken stock

Snack: Celery sticks with Lite Laughing Cow Cheese wedge

Dinner: Chicken breast and salsa lettuce wraps

Dessert: Chia Tapioca Pudding p. 234

Read my Day 5 Fuel Pull update here

Day 6 (Refuel)
Breakfast: Trim Healthy Pancakes p. 223 with light Greek yoghurt and Slim Belly Jelly (p. 411)

Drink:  Earth Milk p. 425 (E version)

Snack: Apple slices with 1t almond butter

Lunch: Sprouted wheat bun with salsa, tuna, light cottage cheese and salad vegetables (including tomato)

Dinner: Chargrilled Capsicum and Chickpea patties in lettuce hamburger

Dessert: Tummy Tucking Icecream p. 368 (FP version)

Read my Day 6 Refuel update here

Day 7 (Refuel)
Breakfast: Trim Healthy Pancakes p. 223 with Cottage Berry Whip p. 379

Drink: Chocolate Fat Stripping Frappe p. 240

Snack: Apple slices with 1 teaspoon almond butter (total)

Lunch: Sprouted wheat bun with salsa, tuna, light cottage cheese and salad vegetables (including tomato)

Dinner: Chicken breast and Quinoa risotto

Dessert: Piece of fruit

Read my Day 7 Refuel update here

~ ~ ~

All going well, I hope to repeat the cycle twice to really rev my metabolism.

If you're a Trim Healthy Mama, feel free to join me on the fuel cycle and comment below with your progress. 

Have you completed a Fuel Cycle before? If so, I'd love to hear from you to get your tips and tricks. 


  1. I like this! I'm a THM as well and have been thinking about doing a Fuel Cycle. This makes sense to me! Thank you!

  2. Just joining and THM book in the post! thank you! You site looks inspiring! Go YOU!!!

  3. Replies
    1. Hi Jennifer, I've just pinned the photo of me at the top to my Trim Healthy Mama board for you:

  4. I am just finishing up my first week and going into week two. Loved your detailed explanation here and am linking you as a reference point in my blog post. My blog is private so if you would like to peek on over just email me.


    1. Yay Cinnamon. I'm so glad my post has helped you out. It's so good having the THM community around to support each other.

  5. Thank you so much for blogging this! It is crazy helpful.
    I think I will blog through my own as well, thanks to your inspiration. Although, the thought of being so public with the fuel cycle makes me a little nervous about FAILING! :)

  6. I just finished day 2 on the new fuel cycle plan. I've done 2 one week cycles in the past few months. For some reason I find it easier to stick strictly to the cycle plan than I do the free styling. Probably because I know it's just 7 days long.😊

  7. thank you Emma. this is helpful. Pinning for when I'm ready to attempt a FP week.
    May I ask if you are wearing an apron in the photo in this post? I love aprons and this looks amazing.


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