Tuesday, May 28, 2013

All about my two-year-old middle child

My darling girl S turned two this month, so I thought I would write a post about all her cute things before I forget them.

I'm glad I wrote a similar post about L at two because I just read it over and I had forgotten most of what she was saying then.

Like L at this age, S is a verbal machine. The words and sentences are coming fast and furious, which makes life easier because she doesn't become so frustrated now that she can express herself more clearly.

S's sayings

"Ware you?" = Where are you? Usually said when Mummy has gone out of sight somewhere in the house.

"What's that noisy?" = What's that noise?

"Nope." = No

"Yep." = Yes

"Baby brother" = All baby toys are now baby brother, since she found out Mummy is carrying a boy in her tummy.

"Baby Buzzy Bee," "Baby Bunny Rabbit"... = All soft toys and dolls are also "babies" to S, who is absolutely obsessed with them.

"Chockit" = Chocolate.

"I take it oss." = I will take my own shoe off.

"I do it myselse." = I will do it myself.

"Lollipop" = Any lolly, not just the lollipop variety.

"I want Mummy!" = Either said when she's sad or just woken up, or when Daddy is trying to tuck her into bed.

"I want Daddy!" = Said when Mummy is trying to tuck her into bed.

"Tart's web" = Charlotte's Web, one of S's favourite DVDs.

"Watch baby one" = Said when she wants to watch our "Love to Sing Baby" DVD.

"Dat one not working. Dat one working." If something is broken, S will always point out the equivalent thing that is not broken.

"Read it!" = Said while throwing a book at my head.

"Theck you." = Thank you. Something S says regular in a sweet little voice.

"Sorry, sorry, sorry." = It's never just one "sorry," always three.

"Pease!" = Please, also said in a sweet little voice.

"1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, 14, 18" = S counting.

"Don't sing dat!" Said to Mummy when I hum or sing to myself.

"Here you go Yiyi" Said to L when she's being a kind, sharing girl - which is often."

"I come to." If we tell S we're going somewhere, she always asks if she can come too. And then usually checks if L, Mummy and Daddy are coming too. And baby brother... And shigey (her blanky).

S's doings

S loves playing with Play Doh. She asks for it several times a day. When we go to Playcentre, Kindergarten or play group, she always bee-lines for the Play Doh table.

S loves climbing. She has already chipped two of her teeth falling, because she has been an avid climber since it was physically possible for her to climb. Yesterday at Playcentre she climbed to the top of the Wendy house and then to the tippy top of the Geodome and back down several times. She could climb the rock climbing cube at Playcentre before L could. Climbing is her thing.

S loves twinging. It's a spinning swing at Playcentre that you dangle from, only using your hands to hold on. S closes her eyes, throws her head back and spins as fast as she can.

S loves babies. She makes babies out of Play Doh and sand at the beach, cuddles babies to sleep at night, plays with toy babies at Playcentre, regularly upsets real babies at Playcentre with her overly affectionate cuddles and pats, draws pictures of babies and pretends all toys ever are babies.

S loves biking. She has a little push bike (no pedals) that she zooms backwards and forwards around the house and to Playcentre on. Biking to Playcentre involves going down a steep hill, but S shows no fear. She recently learnt how to peddle on one of the trikes at church.

S loves water. I have to dress her in waterproof overalls and bring changes of clothes to Playcentre with us, because she always finds time to transport and tip water around the place and down her clothes. She is a little mermaid in the bath (like her big sister), and has taken to flipping over from tummy to back as fast as she can. She also likes to blow bubbles and lie on her back in the bath. She's usually more cautious when we go to the pools, but got more adventurous on our last visit there.

S gets sick a lot. She was a refluxy baby and has never seemed to be as healthy as L. She usually has a runny nose, and has started to get ear infections recently too. Nothing seems to slow her down though.

S loves drawing and painting. She is a prolific painter at Playcentre, and a prolific drawer at home. We have to restrict her materials to crayons and pencils though, because she tends to break felts or draw on walls, furniture and clothes with them.

S loves stories. What child doesn't?

Often when S sees words or letters on clothes or posters, she starts singing "ABCD..."

S is really good at finding things. If we lose something, our best bet is to ask S to find it. She recently found Paul's wallet and passport for him and she regularly finds L's dolls for her when they are lost. "I find it!" is her catch phrase.

S loves puzzles, especially doing them with Mummy.

S loves Duplo, especially building things out of it with Daddy.

S loves airplanes, and will always hear them before anyone else. She loves watching them take off and land at Wellington Airport and always asks to see "anuder one."

S is my little whirlwind of delight. Constantly into everything and keeping me on my toes. I love her dearly.


  1. I like the 'Tart's Web' one. Aren't they incredibly adorable at this age? What a great idea blogging about this so that you don't forget too!

  2. Loved reading this. She is so adorable!

  3. Susan W (Perth)
    Just commented on your spinach/oxalic acid header, then decided to read a bit more of yr blog and picked this section as I love little ones. Great photos of a sweet child and enjoyed reading your comments, reminded me of my own little one who is now 21. I did make a note of his quaint sayings and songs etc in a simple notebook. Not the computer kind.


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