Sunday, May 26, 2013


My precious chaos-makers.

Life has a habit of changing when we least expect it.

Last month Paul was told the company he worked for, Minimonos, was shutting down and his role there would finish in four weeks.

While the news was stressful, we've felt surprisingly calm (most of the time) as we've trusted God would continue to provide for our family and direct us where he wants us to go.

Paul had his last day at Minimonos on Thursday and, praise God, starts a new job at 2ndcity Studios on Monday.

He's really looking forward to it.

The big change for our family is that Paul's new job is in Auckland, and we have just bought a house in Island Bay, Wellington.

Paul is going to fly back and forth between the two cities while we sell our house and look for a new home in Auckland.

I'm finding the process of selling our house more stressful than the job loss was, mainly because I have to keep our home sparkling clean for look-throughs and open homes, while my two pre-schoolers seem intent on turning it to chaos at every opportunity.

This week we've been busily trying to paint the bathroom, the last room of the house that needed doing. It's coming together, but my poor pregnant body is not coping as well as I would have liked so I will be glad when it's done.

I'm not looking forward to the time apart from Paul as he commutes, but am so grateful he has a wonderful new job to go to, which he's excited about and which will continue to support our family so I can be a stay-at-home Mum.

If I'm a little bit absent from Craving Fresh over the next few weeks, you'll now understand why.


  1. Oh Emma, its hard enough keeping the house clean with just two adults and two dogs! I thought it looked great in the real estate photos, at least people will see that first. I hope you can sell soon and end the commuting. Congrats to Paul on scoring a job so quickly, well done.

  2. Best wishes for the move. We did something similar last year - relocating from Palmy to Wellington.
    We are on the look out for a house on this side of town so feel free to send me a link :-)


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