Friday, November 11, 2011

The hard days

We all have them. At least I assume we do. Days when life seems to be kicking our butt.

I usually get these days around a certain time of the month, or when I haven't had enough sleep, or when I haven't had enough time out for myself.

On days like this I:

  • compare myself to others and find myself wanting.
  • wonder what my purpose in this world is.
  • feel like I'll never be good enough to .............. [fill in the blank].
  • wish I could just pull the duvet over my head and let someone else take over my duties.
  • want to cry.
Today is one of the hard days. And honestly, I'm terrible at doing anything proactive to get out of the funk. But if I think about, here are some of the things that help:
  1. Remind myself that the hard days will eventually pass. (Or at least Paul reminds me because usually when I'm in the funk, it feels like that's how it's always going to be.)
  2. Read the bible or an uplifting book by a Christian author. (Tried that one last night and it back-fired. I read my first Ted Dekker book. Scary!)
  3. Talk to someone - usually Paul. 
  4. Try to pray. (This is easier to do after reading an uplifting book that has helped give me perspective on God, the world and my "problems.")
  5. Take a nap or go to bed early. (Should have done that last night and not read Ted Dekker's terrifying page turner.)
  6. Do comforting things like stay in my PJs all day, take a bath and eat yummy food.
  7. Do productive things to remind myself I can be useful, even when I feel useless.
Am I right in thinking others have days like this too? What do you do to pull yourself out of them?

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  1. Definitely have these days. I don't usually do too much different except remind myself often throughout the day that this will pass and I won't feel like this forever. Those days are hard though, so hard.


  2. Now my first comment looks so rude! That was BEFORE there was writing and I was wondering what was coming...

    Anyway, great post, yep I have those days all the time too. Another cause to add to your list is when people at work don't seem to appreciate my genius/hard work. But the cause isn't as important as the solution. I find that gardening is a really good distraction, even when half my garden is being eaten by slugs or destroyed by bandicoots, I can usually find something that has sprouted or is producing some fruit or flowers to cheer me up. And just getting out there and doing some work, like mulching or pulling out something that should have been removed weeks ago, makes me feel that I'm at least doing something useful. And I can usually just focus on the task and forget about feeling crappy. I don't find talking to people really helps because usually they just tell me the obvious, that I'm complaining about nothing and to get over it! But maybe you know more sympathetic people than I do! I also find that chocolate helps, but too much chocolate doesn't help. :)

  3. Oh yes I'm sure we all have those days but at the time it feels like I'm the only person who has these thought. Usually a good sleep is what is needed for me but I find exercise is a good way to get focused on the important things in life too. Luckily I enjoy running and cycling. Thanks for the thought provoking post and your honesty.

  4. Thanks friends. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one, although that means you have sad days too so maybe I'm not glad. Hmmmm. Confusing.

  5. Hi Emma, I have days like too, and can definitely pin point it to certain days in my cycle. For me it is PMS related....usually triggered by too many carbs/too much sugar. I'm trying this month to really watch my carb intake, so we'll see how it goes :)

  6. That's interesting Debbie. I actually started to feel myself come right yesterday evening, after a long nap in the afternoon and eating only good food all day so I wonder if the food helped.

  7. I so know what you mean!!! I have become a complete raving mental lunatic at the time of the month! I would try Ted Dekker again but start with Green this time. I LOVE Ted Dekker and read all the books I can get my hands on. Take care as we all know this passes (though we forget this a month later!!!). I’ve written a similar post a few times but never published it good on you for doing this maybe next time I’ll be brave enough to post it.

  8. Take heart in the knowledge that you are not alone! Those hard times stink (I've had YEARS of them myself), but they help you appreciate the truly spectacular things about being a wife, a mother and just plain YOU! Use this time to reflect on the good things and recharge!

  9. That's funny (not funny-haha), I just posted about this last week too. Must have been one of those weeks for everyone! You can read my list if you want, but I'm warning you it's not half as Godly as yours :)


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