Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Memorising the times tables

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Our family started homeschooling two years ago, and we've slowly been figuring things out along the way. I realised recently that my approach to education is three parts classical, one part unschooling.

There are things kids need to learn while they're young and they're minds are like sponges that will allow them to make connections between all knowledge and will also set them up with a strong foundation for later in life (classical education). However, there are also great benefits to allowing the kids to create and imagine and learn by following their interests and participating in real life (unschooling).

The unschooling part comes easy. I just run with whatever has taken my children's fancy and provide the resources to support them in their endeavours.

For the classical education approach, however, I need a bit more structure and organisation in my life.

To help me (and any other homeschooling parents who want easy access to memorisation tools), I'm going to post what I find helpful here on Craving Fresh. I'll leave links to all these posts up on my Homeschooling tab above, under the heading Homeschool Memorisation Resources.

Times Table learning guide
Maths Is Fun has put together a really great guide for learning the times tables. It has games, printables, an explanation on how to approach the times tables, and more. 

Times tables skip counting songs
For memorising the times tables, I've found the following skip counting songs on YouTube by Planning Playtime really good because they're so catchy. They use well known songs, which makes it feel like the job of learning the times tables is already half done.

Skip counting by 3 to the tune of Where is Thumbkin?

Skip counting by 4 to the tune of Row, Row, Row your Boat.

Skip counting by 6 to the tune of London Bridge is Falling.

Skip counting by 7 to the tune of Mary had a Little Lamb.

Skip counting by 8 to the tune of This Old Man.

Skip counting by 9 to the tune of Ten Little Indians.

Skip counting by 12 to the tune of Jingle Bells.

Now, I'd love to hear from you if you've got any other great suggestions for teaching the times tables. Just share them in the comments below. I can always update this post with more links that will benefit us all. Thanks!

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