Friday, August 9, 2019

Our homeschool activities in Term 3, 2019

Tornado Tammy Science Show

With homeschool, we have the freedom to choose our schedule, so we really could do anything we wanted to. However, there are so only so many hours in the day, so much energy this mama has, and so many dollars in the bank to pay for activities.

These are the things we've decided to focus on as a homeschool family this term.
Music is always a priority for us, so S is continuing with her piano lessons and L is continuing with Suzuki violin lessons. I want to start J in lessons too, but I'm delaying until I think he'll take them seriously, because they are so expensive.
Each term we do one sport and one art class with our Christian homeschool group. This term, the girls, who are in the intermediate age group, are doing netball and charcoal art. J, who is in the junior age group, is doing ball handling skills and crayon and dye. We're also going on a group trip to The Old Lolly Shop in Takapuna, where the kids will get to make their own lollies.

With our other homeschool group, L has signed up for a Jazz dance class, a polymer clay modelling class and a Lego class. S is doing creative journaling, Minecraft computer programming and a Lego class. J is doing a Little Ferns nature class, Art Play, Maths Fun and Kid Sports.
We've also joined in with three other families to do a resilience course called Bounce Back. We had our first session last week, on the importance of telling the truth, and my kids all loved it. My homeschool-mama friend, Julia, is taking us through the course, and she's doing an excellent job. Thanks, Julia!
The girls have almost finished their club netball season. S only has one more game to go, and I think L will be finishing shortly after her. We love netball, but it sure will be nice not to have to go stand in the cold on the netball courts three times a week.

I've signed the kids up to do the Auckland Home Educators cross country this month. We're trying to fit in training whenever we can and have found a good track that's the right length, and where I can keep an eye on the kids no matter where they are on the loop. I'm enjoying having an excuse to go out and get fresh air and exercise with the kids during the day.

The kids are also taking part in a once-a-fortnight after-school club at our church. This term the theme is 'The Circus.'

For bookwork this term, we are continuing to work through: The Good and the Beautiful for language, arts, geography and literature; Math-U-See for maths; Mystery Science for science; and The Story of the World for history.

Homeschool is feeling a little busier this term, but I think that will ease off once the netball season comes to a close and we've completed the cross country.

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