Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Our homeschool plans for term 3, 2020

Well hello again!

It's been six weeks since my big melanoma surgery and you can tell I'm feeling a lot better because I'm writing a blog post again. I got my surgical drain out on Friday under another general anaesthetic and am relieved to have it gone. Because the drain had been in for so long, it had adhered to my shoulder muscle and couldn't be pulled out while I was awake. However, getting it taken out in theatre was such a quick procedure that I bounced back in no time. I already have much more movement in my shoulder, just because there's no longer a drain pressing in on it.

Anyway, enough about boring/gross medical things. Today I wanted to share our plans for the coming school term, since we have made a small but significant change in order to accommodate my ongoing treatment requirements. We've decided to enrol the kids in a small, local, private school one day a week.

It means I can book my immunotherapy and physiotherapy sessions for that day, and won't have to drag the kids along to my appointments, or leave them with Paul and interrupt his work day.

Instead, the kids will get good quality teaching and social time with their friends.

And, as an added benefit, the school seems to run in-line with the classical education style of teaching I prefer, so it will complement and enrich my children's home education. For example, the kids will be learning a new poem each week, which is so great for their developing minds.

This will be Master J's first experience of formal education without me, so I'm not sure how that's going to go, but I will try to prepare him as best I can. We already know several other families that go to the school and the kids have some lovely friends there, so I'm hoping that will help ease everyone's transition.

Apart from the one-day school, we are also going to participate in classes at one homeschool group next term. We'll probably sign up for a mixture of art and science classes. The homeschool group hasn't been running since the end of term one because of lockdown, and we've all really missed it.

The girls are also doing netball over the winter terms and are in the same team as each other, which is so wonderful as it means we only have to go to one training and one game per week. They've already played a couple of exciting games.

Both girls are also continuing with their music lessons, although Miss S's wonderful piano teacher moved away over lockdown, so her lessons are all run via Skype now.

Master J was doing swimming lessons until lockdown happened, but those have been cancelled and we've been informed won't be resuming in term three either.

At home we are continuing on with our normal Good and the Beautiful for language arts and geography, Math-U-See for maths and Story of the World for history. Business as usual there.

We are all happy to be on holiday at the moment. When lockdown meant we couldn't go away in the Easter holidays, we decided to just carry on with schooling, so no one has had a break since the summer holidays. We are hoping to get away to the beach for some of these holidays and I, for one, am looking forward to it.

What are your holiday plans?

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