Friday, September 17, 2021

What I eat in a day to lose weight

It's been four months since I started eating the Trim Healthy Mama way full time. I haven't lost as much weight as I thought I would in that time - my weight loss seems to have plateaued lately - but I've definitely lost enough weight for it to be noticeable and for me to feel a lot better. 

Even though I'm not losing weight as fast as I would like, I'm still really enjoying eating this way. I genuinely look forward to all my meals and snacks, and it's delightful knowing that they are helping me not harming me. 

I tend to go through phases of eating one particularly thing quite a lot, before moving on to something else, so here's what I've been eating on Trim Healthy Mama lately.


Omelettes (THM S) 

Lots and lots of omelettes. Would you believe that I didn't know how to make omelettes before a few weeks ago? They were just not something I ever thought to make. I'm getting better though, because I've been making them so much and because Paul has given me a few pointers. I like adding sun dried tomatoes to my omelettes for a burst of flavour, but roast capsicum and spring onion are also nice.

Overnight oats (THM E)

I still make this Overnight Cinnamon Oats recipe reasonably often, as I can prepare it the night before and then cook it in the microwave in the morning for a quick and easy breakfast. This morning I threw a handful of frozen raspberries into the mixture after cooking, for some extra flavour and goodness. 

Feijoa smoothies (THM E)

I froze bags of feijoas back in April, because I had to cut the guava moth caterpillars out of them so they weren't great for eating fresh. I've been glad for all those bags of feijoas during lockdown, as they've given me a tasty and vitamin C rich smoothie base. I usually throw milk kefir, unsweetened almond milk, collagen, Truvia, a greens powder and baobab powder into my smoothie too. So good!


Coleslaws (THM S)

Coleslaws are pretty much the only thing I eat for lunch at the moment as they're easy to make, tasty to eat and nourishing to my body. 

I cook up a roast chicken for dinner at the start of the week and then use the leftovers in my coleslaw over the next few days. To make the coleslaw I just hack off a little bit of a red cabbage each day and slice that up with some carrot, celery and any other veges I have on hand. I usually throw in a handful of pumpkin seeds and stir through some basil pesto or garlic aioli for flavour. Whenever I run out of chicken, I use a tin of tuna in spring water for protein instead. 


Cauliflower Crust Pizza (THM S)

We've been doing pizza nights once a week at our house over lockdown, so I've been whipping up cauliflower crust pizzas to keep me on plan. I really like this recipe and, as you can see from the photo above, you really can hold the slice. 

Pizza toppings vary depending on what we have on hand. We were light on toppings in the photo above, so I just added pizza sauce, cheese and roast capsicum. Other times I've thrown on leftover roast chicken, or salami, or red onion. 

Lamb Salad (THM S)

My husband and I both adore this Crispy Lamb Salad recipe, so I've made it several times lately. It's perfection. I buy Silver Ferns lamb stir-fry to make the salad because it's delicious, affordable, and already prepared - with no extra fat or bones in the package. 

Chicken Fried Double Rice (THM E)

The whole family enjoyed this Trim Healthy Table fried rice recipe, which I made for the first time last week. It uses a combination of cauliflower rice and brown rice to keep the carbs at a gentle enough level to not cause blood sugar levels to surge. 

Snacks and Desserts

Chocolate Friskee (THM FP)

This is a fuel pull recipe from the Trim Healthy Table cookbook that my kids and I all love. I have to make a huge batch whenever I make it, because my kids all beg me for it.

Tummy Tucking Ice Cream (THM FP)

This is another recipe I have to make in large quantities, because my kids love it too. I usually use this Tummy Tucking Ice Cream recipe and double it. That makes enough for me and my three kids. We customise the flavour to mint by adding a splash of peppermint extract and a couple drops of green food colouring. 

Chickpea Banana Blondie (THM E)

I've got a whole lot of chickpeas in my freezer that I soaked and cooked, so lately I've been putting them to use with this Skinny Banana Chickpea Blondie recipe. I use Healtheries dark chocolate sugar free baking bits to keep it sugar free.  

So there you have it - a lovely selection of Trim Healthy Mama foods that I've been relishing over the past month. 

Do you think you'll try any of the recipes I've mentioned? 

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  1. I can't get excited about smoothies but I wish Lpisc was staying longer. Together we would shop for all those ingredients and try something healthier.


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