Friday, October 15, 2021

Permaculture inspiration videos

Lockdown is dragging on, but permaculture videos on YouTube are helping to keep me sane. They are inspiring me with all the amazing transformations that are possible when man works with nature, not against it. 

In case you also love seeing people transform barren land environments into abundant ones, I thought I'd share a few of the permaculture videos that I've watched lately and loved. 

Syntropic Food Forest - This video takes a look around a syntropic food forest in Northland New Zealand, and gave me a deeper way of thinking about growing food in layers and the importance of always protecting the soil. 

Rundown apartments reborn as food-forest coliving Agritopia - This video was so inspiring. It shows how a couple bought a rundown apartment block and tore out most of the parking lot to replace it with permaculture gardens for the tenants of the apartments to help care for and eat from. There is so much ingenuity shown on this one property. 

Dryland-harvesting home gathers sun, rain, food & more - Another inspiring video where someone has transformed a barren urban lot into an abundant paradise, with lots of ingenuity. 

Does no dig gardening work on hard ground? - This interested me because my soil is all clay underneath and holds onto water in winter, but gets dry and hard in summer. I've always wondered if my mulch layers were doing anything to repair the soil underneath, but this video makes me think they're probably not doing much down there, just creating rich top soil above. I also loved the way that kumara was grown in the walkways between gardens, and am wondering if I can do the same here. 

Recreating Terra Preta: Good soil for centuries - I was fascinated by this video because I had never heard of the Terra Preta areas in the Amazon forest, which are so much more fertile than the land around them thanks to amendments that past civilisations made to the land. In this video, David tries to recreate a Terra Preta garden system, guessing at how they were originally made.

Does my homemade Terra Preta work? This is David's follow-up Terra Preta video, which shows the Terra Preta garden David created and shows how well it is doing compared to the regular gardens around it. 

I hope you enjoy these videos as much as I did. If you've watched any great permaculture videos lately, please link them below. My sanity may depend on it (wink).

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