Wednesday, July 21, 2021

What I eat in a day to lose weight

If you're anything like me, you love getting a peek into what people eat in a day, especially if they're eating something particularly healthy or yummy or different. For that reason, I thought I'd share another 'what I eat in a day to lose weight' post with you. So far I've lost around 7kg by following the Trim Healthy Mama plan, which equates to around 14 blocks of butter. 

I'm happy to not be carting those 14 blocks of butter around with me. 

The Trim Healthy Mama Journey app really helps to keep me accountable with what I'm eating. I notice that I don't make such good choices on the days when I don't keep the app updated with my meals.

I've also just purchased a three-month membership to the Trim Healthy Mama membership site, since that came up for sale yesterday. I'm hoping to make use of the menu planning function on there, and to access recipes that I haven't been able to without the membership. I'll give you a review of the membership site after I've used it for a few weeks. 

What I eat in a typical day


This week the kids and I had to get out the door early a couple of mornings so I prepared overnight oats the night before and then simply microwaved them in the morning for a quick and easy warm breakfast. 

To make the the oats I pour half a cup of rolled oats into a round pyrex container and then stir through cocoa, Truvia, peanut flour, vanilla collagen and chia seeds. I pour unsweetened almond milk over the oat mixture to completely cover it and then stir it through. I simply place the lid on the pyrex container and store it in the fridge overnight, before microwaving it (without the lid) for two minutes in the morning. 

I'm thinking that the next time I make these overnight oats, I'll try a berry cinnamon version and add flaxseed and psyllium husk for even more fibre. These oats are a Trim Healthy Mama 'E' (Energising / carb-based) recipe. 

On days when I have more time, I might make a smoothie or fry some eggs or make curried eggs for breakfast. Scrambled egg whites on homemade sourdough are also still a favourite breakfast of mine. 


If I'm not eating leftovers, my go-to lunch when I'm at home is a quick tuna salad. I simply mix a small tin of Lemon Pepper Tuna with light cottage cheese, diced carrots, diced celery and diced gherkins. It's surprisingly tasty and is possibly a Fuel Pull recipe, meaning low fat and low carb. 

When I'm out and about, I find salmon sushi to be the easiest lunch option. I try to buy the brown rice sushi if it's available, since white rice is not technically on plan, but if there's only white rice sushi, I'll still get that for an 'E' lunch 


We had a dinner with extended family recently and most people were having pizza, so to make sure there was an option for me, I brought a roast chicken. My sister-in-law whipped up a coleslaw and we ate the chicken with the cole slaw for a simple THM 'S' (Satisfying / fat-based) meal. 

Another time when we ate a roast chicken dinner recently at home, I made roast potatoes for Paul and the kids, but roasted cauliflower for myself. I also cooked a shredded homegrown cabbage in chicken stock until the chicken stock was reduced, and then added butter, salt, pepper and cumin seeds and sautéed it to caramelise the cabbage. It was delicious. Green peas rounded out the dinner and brought a much-needed pop of colour. The juice you see in the photo above was freshly squeezed orange juice I made from a box of oranges someone gave us. I didn't drink any of the juice, since it is too blood-sugar spiking for the THM plan. 

When I make a beef stir-fry for the family, I will serve theirs on rice and either have mine plain, or serve it on konjac rice, which is extremely low carb. Beef and lamb are always 'S' foods, since they are naturally fatty meats. 

Snacks and Desserts

Sometimes it's nice to have something savoury to crunch on, so I recently baked my Three-Seed Cracker recipe and ate the crackers with cheese and sun dried tomatoes for a Satisfying THM snack. There's a cracker recipe in the original Trim Healthy Mama book that I'm planning to make next, and will top with basil pesto for another savoury 'S' snack. 

I made the Trimtastic Mostess Cupcakes from the Trim Healthy Table cookbook (affiliate link) for the first time recently and they were delicious. The recipe featured a cup of pumpkin puree, but I couldn't taste it at all. So nice to be getting all the health benefits of pumpkin in a delicious chocolate dessert! 

Another decadent dessert I've been enjoying is the Best No-Bake Keto Peanut Butter Chocolate Bar recipe by Kasey Trenum. It's very rich, so a little goes a long way. 

Of course, I'm still loving my Chocolate Snickers Pudding recipe. It's delicious and handy because it's a Fuel Pull, so can be paired with both 'S' and 'E' meals, making it more versatile within the plan. I just put in a big iHerb order so that I could buy more glucomannan and peanut flour to make this recipe with. 

The Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe I shared with you this week is also a new favourite of mine. You can probably tell from all these desserts that I'm a big chocolate fan.

So there you have it. I hope you found that helpful if you're following the THM plan, or thinking of doing so. Let me know if you have any questions for me, although do be aware that I'm no expert. There are Trim Healthy Mama coaches out there who understand all the science and correct portions to make the plan work best, but that's not me. 

I'm just following recipes and figuring things out as I go along. 


  1. You are an inspiration. I’m currently on a losing streak and need to shed 8 kilo. 2 down six to go!

    1. That's fantastic Margaret! You're already a quarter of the way there.


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