Sunday, March 23, 2014

Trim Healthy Mama Fuel Cycle update - Days 3 & 4

I'm doing two updates in one today, as I was busy with a World Organic party yesterday and didn't get a chance to post here.

I was proud of my restraint at the party. My sister-in-law had baked gorgeous Harlequin Brownie and her sister-in-law had made Rocky Road. Two delicious things I would usually not be able to resist, but I kept myself busy and focused on my goal instead of indulging.

Have I told you about my goal?

I actually have two: The first is to get back down to my wedding day weight; The second is to get back down to the weight I was when I met Paul. I've still got the pair of shorts I was wearing when we met. I never imagined I'd be able to fit them again, so that is my big, hairy, audacious goal.

Yesterday was Day 3 of my Fuel Cycle where I ate Deep S (high-fat/low-carb), and today was Day 4, where I started into Fuel Pull mode (low-fat/low-carb).

I weighed myself this morning and I was already 1KG lighter than three days ago, so the Fuel Cycle is working. Hurray!

I've posted my Fuel Cycle menu plan for these two days below, and under each meal my notes about what I actually ate and how I found it.

Day 3 (Deep S)
Breakfast: Serene's Steamed Omega Sensations p. 214
Notes: I ate breakfast about 9am today, earlier than yesterday by an hour. Win!

I didn't cook these eggs for quite long enough so they were more liquidy than I like. This meant they lacked a satisfying chewing sensation, but they still hit the spot. I did eat a couple of prawns too, but Lily was so excited about them that I let her have the rest.

Drink: Peppermint green tea
Notes: I didn't have time to make a drink today, so just drank water.

Lunch: Smoked salmon salad, with homemade extra virgin olive oil dressing
Notes: We still have lots of Bolar Roast leftover, so I made another Thai Beef Salad for lunch and ate it about 2pm.

Dinner: Cajun chicken drumsticks served on a bed of cauliflower rice and Zucchini Fries p. 357
Notes: We were out later than expected at my sister-in-law's so ate dinner there. I was very lucky that she had some beautiful leftover Lemon Coconut Chicken Curry from the night before which she was able to heat up for me. I read the recipe and it looked perfectly on plan for an S dinner. I ate just the chicken and sauce, without rice, to keep it in S mode.

Dessert: Tummy Tucking Icecream p. 368
Notes: I made Decadent Chocolate in my new silicone Easter Egg moulds, so ate that instead. My girls found the Easter Egg shapes very exciting, and even L ate some of the chocolate, which she usually doesn't like. I was happy to share and get that nourishing coconut oil into her.

Day 4 (Pull the Fuels)
This was my first Fuel Pull day, so I was quite nervous. Fuel Pull seems more like a traditional low calorie diet, which I've been keen to avoid as it wreaks havoc on my metabolism. Fortunately this is only for two days, and then I get to "Refuel", so my metabolism will be fine and I will be a little lighter for the effort.

I accidentally missed lunch today, so I was feeling very light-headed leading up to dinner. Hopefully I will be more organised tomorrow.

Breakfast: Cookie Bowl Oatmeal p. 232
Notes: I remembered to make this the night before at about 11.30pm. I was lying in bed trying to go to sleep when I realised it was going to be Fuel Pull today and I needed to prepare. I raced back downstairs and made this Cookie Bowl Oatmeal and a Chocolate Fat Stripping Frappe. I was so glad to have them ready to go when I woke up. It meant I ate my breakfast at 7am this morning.

Drink:  Earth Milk p. 425 (FP version)
Notes: I felt like a Chocolate Fat Stripping Frappe today so that's what I drank and it was delicious!

Lunch: Loaded Fotato Soup p.294
Notes: We actually went to our local school gala for several hours during the day and I didn't eat lunch. I had brought a tin of tuna to eat but didn't find a good time to sit down with it. 

Snack: Celery sticks with Lite Laughing Cow Cheese wedge
Notes: I brought several celery sticks and a wedge of Lite Laughing Cow Cheese to the gala and I did get a chance to eat those. They were great as I was starting to feel a little light-headed from missing my lunch. 

Dinner: Sweet and Spicy Asian Stir Fry p. 341 on Konjac noodles
Notes: Because we ended up eating dinner at my sister-in-law's yesterday, I still had chicken drumsticks defrosted in the fridge today so cooked them up for dinner instead of my planned stir-fry. I will aim to make the stiry-fry tomorrow night instead.

I baked the chicken drumsticks in the oven with a sauce I made out of diced onions (which I sauteed in a light spray of avocado oil first), a tin of chopped tomatoes, a squirt of tomato paste and pasta sauce and some dried herbs. I served it on Konjac noodles for myself and regualr pasta for the rest of the family. 

I was a little worried that the chicken drumsticks were too high fat for Fuel Pull, so to keep the fat down I removed the skin on my chicken, and then stirred through one Lite Laughing Cow Cheese wedge into the sauce to give a cheesey flavour. 

After missing lunch today, this hot dinner really felt good going down.

Dessert: Tummy Tucking Icecream p. 368
Notes: I made a chocolate version of this today, but I'm having trouble making it properly as I don't have a working blender. I made it in my food processor and it didn't chop everything finely enough, so I ended up with hunks of ice in my icecream. I did enjoy it, but it didn't feel like I was eating traditional ice cream in any sense.

Find my whole Fuel Cycle menu plan here.
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