Friday, March 21, 2014

Trim Healthy Mama Fuel Cycle update - Day 2

Today I made it through the second day of my Trim Healthy Mama Fuel Cycle and it went really well again.

I stuck to eating Deep S all day (not such a chore really), and felt good about everything I ate. I consumed a lot of leafy greens, between Earth Milk and two salads, so I've had to pop out to the supermarket for more. This has taken me over my grocery budget for the week. Worth it, I think, if I can get my weight down to a healthy one. 

I actually walked to the supermarket, pushing J in the stroller. Paul encouraged me to get some exercise while the girls were having their evening bath, and I'm so glad he did. It was the first time I had donned exercise shoes since having J. My body feels all tingly and exhilarated now. 

While I was at the supermarket I bought frozen prawns, because L and I love them. I think they will be featuring on tomorrow's menu. 

Here's the menu I had planned for today, with my notes below each meal:

Day 2 (Deep S)
Breakfast: Zucchini Fritter p. 217

Zucchini Fritter. 
Notes: Breakfast was a little late - 10am by the time I had showered and dressed, fed J, fed the girls, hung out the washing, emptied the dishwasher and decanted a stockpot of chicken stock into containers in the freezer. (I had left the chicken stock to cool down overnight, and didn't want it sitting around at room temperature any longer than it had to.) 

I didn't love the Zucchini Fritter I ate for breakfast. It had a slightly strange taste I couldn't get past, yet there was something satisfying about the crispy texture, so I didn't not enjoy it. Boy, was that a roundabout way of saying it was OK. I probably won't make it again though.

Drink: Shrinker drink. 

Earth Milk. 

Notes: Well I had the Shrinker planned, but I'm loving my Earth Milk so much, I made a big jar of that again instead. So good! Although no one else in my family thinks so.

Lunch: Smoked salmon salad, with homemade extra virgin olive oil dressing

Notes: This turned out to be a simple salad of baby spinach, rocket, coriander/cilantro, celery and cucumber topped with fresh smoked salmon from a packet. No dressing after all, but I enjoyed it all the same. Especially because I ate it at a picnic with Paul and the kids. We were able to meet at our local playground on Paul's lunch break. One of the blessings of him working close to home. 

Dinner: Thai beef salad

Notes: We sliced up some of the leftover Bolar Roast for this salad, which also featured baby spinach, rocket, coriander/cilantro, mint, celery and cucumber for me, plus a dressing of fish sauce, soy sauce, fresh lemon juice and liquid stevia/erythritol blend. It was delicious! The rest of the family also ate carrots and tomato with their salad, but those are too high-carb for DEEP S. 

Dessert: Decadent peppermint chocolate

Notes: Since I went for a walk after dinner, I haven't had time to make this. Earth Milk was my dessert instead. I bought some cute silicon Easter egg molds at the supermarket though, so I'm thinking tomorrow night's peppermint chocolate is going to be egg shaped. :)

Actually, come to think of it I did eat some plain decadent chocolate today, because I had some leftover from the other day that I finished off. 

~ ~ ~

Thanks for all your support. I'm enjoying the structure this Fuel Cycle is giving my meal planning. 


  1. Hi Emma. I stumbled upon your blog and read a few things. I have started THM plan 6 weeks ago. although I haven't lost "weight" (a few hundred grams since started), I have lost cm's. I feel better too going low carb, mostly gluten free and totally sugar free. I was wondering if you still do this plan and how much has changed for you? Hope to hear from you.
    Kind REgards

    1. Hi Nella, thanks for getting in touch. I haven't followed THM for a long time, but I'm just looking over my fuel cycle again and have started Day 1 this morning. I've been finding myself crave way too much sugar lately, so think it's time to snap out of that with a fuel cycle.


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