Saturday, May 11, 2013

Master bedroom makeover

As you may know, we've been working our way around the house, painting it room by room. So far I've posted about:
Today I'm going to show you our freshly painted master bedroom, which I am in love with. 

The room used to be a burnt red colour, which wasn't hideous, but did make the room really dark. Not good when your favourite past time is reading in bed. 

The paint was also really chipped and in need of a tidy up.


And here is the room now, with three Resene Geyser (gray) walls, and one Resene Spray (aqua) feature wall behind the headboard.

I even managed to find a new duvet cover on special at Farmers that tied in nicely. (Probably should have ironed it, but who has time for such things?)

Here's a break down of how I painted the room, for those interested in the technical details. You can read about the tools I like to use here.

Bay window
I painted the bay window first, while we were still using the bedroom. I spent three days on it, in between seeing to the girls' needs.

Window Day 1: Scrape the chipping paint with a Linbide Tungsten Scraper and sand all the surfaces smooth with our Makita electric sander. This literally took all day, but it was in a bad way and I wanted to do a good job.

Window Day 2: Paint undercoat over the frames and ceiling of the bay window, being careful to catch drips. I also painted about two millimetres onto the actual glass, as this helps seal and protect the frames.

Window Day 3: Paint two white semi-gloss top coats on the frames and ceiling of the bay window. Admire work.

Bedroom walls and ceiling
A couple of weeks later, I tackled the rest of the bedroom. I would have started it sooner, but Sophie got very sick and I spent days nursing her. Time well spent, I think. It took me three days to paint the rest of the bedroom, after we had cleared it out.

Step 1: Clear everything out and clean the room floor to ceiling, mainly to get rid of dust and spider webs that will otherwise ruin the paint finish.

Step 2: Plaster in any holes, chips, bumpy bits on the walls and ceiling with GIB Plus 4. There were A LOT of holes in this room, which hadn't been painted in over a decade.

Step 3: Wait for the plaster to dry and then sand it smooth with a Makita Electric Sander. (I love that thing.)

Step 4: Lay drop cloths down and cut in (with a 50mm acrylic ABC contour brush) white one-coat ceiling flat paint on scotias and along the edges of the beams in the ceiling - anywhere the roller won't be able to paint. I also painted the ceiling flat on the top couple of inches of red wall to give a cleaner finish when the other coats went on.

Step 5: Roll the flat areas of the ceiling with white one-coat ceiling flat paint.

Step 6: Cut in white undercoat on the red wall immediately above the wooden skirting boards, around the door, windows, light switches and electric sockets.

Step 7: Roll white undercoat over the rest of the red walls.

Step 8: Cut in another layer of white undercoat underneath scotias, above skirting boards on the wall, and around the door, windows, light switches and electric sockets.

Step 9: Roll another layer of white undercoat over the walls. (Usually you would only do one layer of undercoat, but I did two because the red walls were so dark and needed extra coverage.)

Step 10: Cut in Resene Geyser (gray) top coat on three of the walls (around skirting boards, scotias, door, window, sockets and down next to the feature wall.

Step 11: Roll Resene Geyser over three of the walls.

Step 12: Repeat step 10.

Step 13: Repeat step 11.

Step 14: Cut in Resene Spray (aqua) top coat on the feature wall (around skirting boards, scotias, door, window, sockets and down next to the adjoining gray walls).

Step 15: Roll Resene Spray over feature wall.

Step 16: Repeat step 14.

Step 17: Repeat step 15.

Step 18: Clean up, especially any paint that has got under the drop cloths onto the floor. I find a steam mop really good for getting these spills out.

There you have it - and the reason I didn't blog during the week. I was too busy painting!

What do you think of our new master bedroom? I'm in love. In fact, I'm sitting in the very bed you see above, writing this post.

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