Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Girls' bedroom redecorated

Hey guys, I am feeling pretty tired and chuffed at the moment. Over the last two weeks Paul and I have been painting the girls' bedroom every spare moment and it is finally DONE!

I'm so happy with the results and L woke up this morning to discover her room all finished and re-furnished. She was so excited she had to show us.

You may remember what the room looked like before, with its dark blue walls.

S's dresser and cot.

L's bed and dresser.

And here's the grand reveal of how it's looking now.

We've still got more plans for the room: re-varnishing the windows and floors, painting the girls' dressers white, painting L's side table light pink, painting a mural on the hot pink wall and replacing the navy blue curtains with something else.

I may bring myself to hang pictures on the walls eventually, but at the moment I can't bear to nail holes in the perfect paint finish.

For now it's just nice to have the girls' things back in their room where they can use them (and I won't trip over them).

You may be wondering where S's cot has gone. She's been sleeping so well in our room, we've decided to keep her there a while longer. And that's cleared up floor space in the girls' room for more of their toys, which means our lounge isn't as cluttered as normal. Nice!

So what do you think of the girls' new room?


  1. Hi Emma

    The room looks amazing! Thanks for sharing it with us.

    We Should Practice

  2. So much brighter and prettier. Great job!


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