Monday, January 21, 2013

Kitchen, dining and lounge paint reveal

Looking through our transformed dining room into our transformed lounge.
My sister-in-law, Kim, and her husband, Brendan, gave us such a wonderful Christmas present. They flew down to Wellington for three days to help us paint our house. (And by 'help' I mean 'do most of the work themselves.')

I organised back-to-back play-dates for L and S with church and Playcentre friends while Kim and Brendan were here, and was overwhelmed by the kindness of all the people who took the girls during that time so I could paint.

It meant my girls had three days of fun, while we got heaps of hard work done.

And let me tell you, Kim and Brendan did work hard - and always with such a cheerful attitude! I really loved having them here and was so sad to send them off home to Te Puke.

Our much lighter kitchen. It used to be maroon. Even the ceiling!
I'm loving our new space. It's so much lighter! I don't have to turn on as many lights, which is a big bonus, and it feels so fresh and open. There's still a bit to do - sorting out blinds and curtains for the lounge and dining room, and finishing off the paint on the windowsills and doors, but even as it is, I am so happy.

Our fresh lounge.
From the bottom of my heart I want to thank all the people who made it happen:

Kim and Brendan for working their butts off for us. Nanny for babysitting Kim and Brendan's children. Fiona, Peta and Antonia from Playcentre for taking my girls on play-dates with your children. Liz, Janice and Faye from church for taking my girls on exciting trips. And everyone else who offered to help but I had to turn down because I had too much help. I'm grateful to you all.

Thank you!


  1. WOW looks so amazing!!! Love the colour and man what a difference!! Well done guys. Love it!!! I bet you cant stop looking at it. love it xx

  2. Wonderful!! I feel like I know how you are feeling as our previous house was equally hideous colours and once repainted left us feeling like we were on holiday for a while!! I lost count of how many times we exclaimed to each other about how wonderful it was! :)Enjoy!! So happy for you! And how wonderful to have such amazing people around you!!

  3. looks great, excellent present idea too :)

  4. what a great choice of color. It is wonderful to have friends help out so that you can achieve something like that in a few days.


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