Monday, March 5, 2012

I'd like to dedicate this weekend to food

I just had the kind of weekend I truly relish. One where I get to potter in the kitchen most of the time - experimenting, making good food (in every sense of the word), and unwinding.

Take a look at some of the things I got up to:
Autumn harvest from our garden.
Washing homegrown apples and potatoes in rainwater with my helpers.
Stack of eight soaked whole-wheat tortillas.
Refried beans made from pinto beans I soaked and cooked.
Mexican rollups made with the refried beans, tortillas and roast chicken I made.
Mexican flavoured soaked cheddar crackers.
Plain and Mexican flavoured soaked cheddar crackers.
Toasting cashews and pine nuts for another batch of basil pesto.
Roast chicken served with all homegrown and locally grown vegetables.
Potatoes, carrots and green beans from my garden.
Cabbage from Playcentre garden.
Kumara grown by a church friend.
Lacto-fermented apple sauce, made with homegrown apples.
Cashews and almonds soaking for muesli, lacto-fermented apple sauce, kefir.
Apple-baked (soaked) muesli made with homegrown apples.

What a great weekend. What did you get up to?


  1. Hi Emma, It all looks wonderful! I love those weekends too, but we usually have outside work to do, so I end up creating things in the kitchen after dark..... yesterday I made babganosh, from a market eggplant, not my own unfortunately. I want to try those tortillas, and can you please share the cracker recipe? I've been looking for something like that. I actually got a chance to bake bread yesterday and my husband actually ate it this morning (even though it doesn't taste like shop bread) so I am making some progress! you should share your apple sauce recipe too, but I have no apples to use at the moment. I did make ginger ale and more lemon wine though :) And my husband said that my pickles taste like McD's pickles, should I be offended? I haven't found a reliable source of coffee yet, I was going to ask the work canteen, but then I found out that my gardening friend at work has already set that up (she must have got in quick, they only just bought the coffee machine!). Cheers, Liz

    1. Hey Liz, the tortillas are great. I like them way more than store-bought ones.

      I'm still working on the cracker recipe, but will post it when I think it's top notch.

      McDonald's pickles are actually really yummy, so I'd say your hubby was complementing you with that one.

      Hmm, maybe your work friend would be happy to split the coffee grounds with you? Surely she won't need all of them?

      Yay for your bread efforts. What sort of bread did you make? We've slipped back to me making white everything. No one seemed to like my healthy breads. Oh well, we make up for it in other ways.



  2. Fantastic Emma! So impressed.

    I am not eating sugar anymore (61 days and counting...) and am at the stage where I can have dextrose. Finally! I missed baking a lot. Anyway, I made a sugar-free chocolate slice, which was delicious; and a lemon & berry sugar-free cake for a friend's farewell party. But the cake was rather meh. If you have any good sugar-free cake recipes do let me know.

    1. Angela! That is awesome. Well done you. Please tell me all your tips and tricks. I fell off the wagon around New Years. Are you following the Sweet Poison Quit Plan. I think I need to read that one too.

      I take it you can eat fruit? If so, you could make smoothies and icecream using banana as your sweetener. Banana is my go-to healthy sweetener.

      Bless you heaps.


  3. Wow you have been busy. Everything looks so yummy.

    1. Thanks Louise. Paul was pretty champion that weekend, watching the girls so I could potter. It was soooo nice.


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