Thursday, March 13, 2014

Fresh Reviews - Kai Carrier

Two sizes of reusable Kai Carriers filled with smoothies for a picnic.

Kiwi ingenuity has come up trumps again with the Kai Carrier - a reusable, refillable food pouch for baby food purees, yoghurt, smoothies and pestos, etc.

There's no need for a spoon with one of these pouches, as your puree can be squeezed or sucked out of a nozzle on the side.

Kai Carriers come in two sizes, 140ml and 300ml. The smaller size is perfect for baby food purees when baby is just starting out on solids. I've also found them great for a wee snack of yoghurt or fruit smoothie for the girls, when we've been out on the go.

I freeze the smoothie in its pouch prior to us leaving the house, so that it stays nice and cold while we're out. It's usually softened enough for my girls to suck the smoothie out of the side nozzle by the time they come to drink it.
L drinking a smoothie from her Kai Carrier on the beach.
We've taken Kai Carriers out kayaking, on walks around the beach, in the car and on picnics. I haven't had any leakages, thanks to sturdy ziplocks on top and tight fitting caps for the nozzle.

I'm even using one of the larger Kai Carriers for my homemade toothpaste (made with coconut oil, xylitol, baking soda, peppermint essence, salt and liquid magnesium). I like that I can squeeze the toothpaste out of the nozzle, rather than having to dip my toothbrush into a pottle of toothpaste like I was doing before. Much more hygienic with the Kai Carrier!

Homemade toothpaste stored in a Kai Carrier for easy dispensing.

Last night I pulled out a Kai Carrier of homemade pumpkin puree from the freezer and defrosted it in a jug of hot water. It was so easy to squeeze pumpkin puree through the nozzle and into a bowl to mix with pizza sauce for a super healthy topping on our homemade cauliflower crust pizza.

You can see from the photo of my homemade toothpaste above that Kai Carriers can stand up on their own. This makes them really easy to fill as you can pour or spoon your filling through the top without worrying about the pouch falling over.

I'm feeling excited about the possibilities of using Kai Carriers for J's baby food.

I have lost track of how many disposable baby food pouches I've bought over the years. I liked that I could get organic food to take on the go. And my girls always loved eating their baby food from the pouches - something about good packaging makes food so much more exciting to my kids.

But I did feel bad about all the waste I was creating. Plus they were expensive.

Well, I feel so happy now that there's a reusable pouch option that I can fill with my own healthy creations.

Kai Carriers are BPA, Phthalates and PVC free making them safe for little ones. They are dishwasher safe and can be stored in the freezer.

Head to the Kai Carrier online shop to order your own. They come in a range of different pack sizes and combinations, to suit all needs. You can also order replacement caps if you lose or break yours.

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