Sunday, September 16, 2012

A special garden for a special girl - mini reveal

I celebrated a pretty momentous birthday over the weekend and when Paul asked what I wanted to do for it, I said, "Finish L's garden."

The last time you saw L's garden, it looked like this...

Well, after Paul slogged his guts out for a couple of hours on Saturday, digging, sawing and hammering, (all the while trying to prevent his two littlest helpers from getting sawed and hammered too), the garden now looks like this...

Isn't it gorgeous? I keep finding myself admiring it out of the living room window. And the best thing about it is that we didn't have to pay a cent for the wood. Remember this balance beam I made with wood scraps leftover from my neighbour's new deck?

There were just enough of them to build L's garden. We also moved the dirt from another part of the garden, so didn't have to pay for that either. Frugal success!

We were hoping to head to the garden centre this afternoon to buy some seeds, seed raising mix and plants for L's garden, but the weather packed in so we stayed home instead.

I promise to share with you the full garden reveal whenever L has planted it out with the pink flowers and pink (not red) strawberries she's picturing in that cute little head of hers.

One more photo, just so you can admire it's sweet perfection again...

I can totally imagine L sitting on the steps next to her garden, picking strawberries in the sunshine.

Pretty awesome 30th birthday present don't you reckon? Thanks husby love.


  1. Wow well done. Looks fantastic gardens for the little ones is such a good idea. M xx

  2. Now that gets me thinking, I have the same birthday in April next year, need to make sure I ask for something big! It looks great and congrats on the frugal-ness as well :) Looking forward to seeing what Lily will grow there.

  3. Such a great idea. I love raised gardens too, they always look so neat. Happy Birhtday too.


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