Thursday, September 20, 2012

L's garden... full reveal!

I really hate having something "almost, but not quite finished". Which meant that first chance we got, L, S and I booted it over to the garden centre and picked up a lovely selection of pink flowers and pink flowering strawberries for L's garden.

Here it is all planted up, with the strawberries along the front for easy access, and the flowers towards the back:

L helped me plant them by digging holes and taking flowers out of their pots. Once they were all in the ground, she gave them a good water.

I think she's pretty stoked with her garden.

And now I get to think about something other than L's garden for a change. Probably time to resume my spring cleaning.


  1. It's beautiful, Emma, well done! Lily looks over the moon...
    Kate x

  2. Looks lovely. I love this idea!! must do! M xx


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