Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Nourishing Treasures Facebook Party! Win Modern Alternative Mama's e-book bundle

My lovely friend Lea of Nourishing Treasures has organised today's Facebook party to give you and all friends of the Nourished Living Network a chance to win fabulous prizes. I told you a bit about this last week and gave you a run down on some of the prizes.

Now it's action time.

Head over to Nourishing Treasures Facebook Party right now. The event just started, at 2pm NZ time or 8pm US EST time.

[This giveaway is now closed.]

For my part, I'll be giving away Modern Alternative Mama's e-book bundle, which includes In the Kitchen: Real Food Basics, Healthy Pregnancy Super Foods and Against the Grain. (Thank you so much Kate Tietje for donating this wonderful prize!)

In the Kitchen: Real Food Basics
If you're new to the concept of "real food" and want to learn more without feeling overwhelmed, this is the cookbook for you.

With In the Kitchen: Real Food Basics, Kate shares her journey into real foods and her concept of what a healthy lifestyle is. She outlines the facts about fat, sugar, dairy, grains and the food pyramid, and then goes on to reclaim the lost kitchen arts - sprouting grains, making stock, making butter and fermenting foods.

The second half of the book is dedicated to real food recipes. You won't see mention of refined sugar, flour or canola oil in these recipes. Instead, you'll find lots of whole food in it's most nutritious (and tasty!) form.

Healthy Pregnancy Super Foods
When I got pregnant, my midwife gave me a brochure of all the foods I shouldn't eat. I wish instead she had given me a copy of Healthy Pregnancy Super Foods, which details what foods a pregnant women needs to nourish her growing baby.

I love that this book isn't overwhelming, especially when I remember back to the wary way I looked at food when I was pregnant with Lily. Kate shares just two goals at the outset of Healthy Pregnancy Super Foods:

1. Try not to eat anything that doesn't nourish your body, or worse, actually depletes your body. (Avoid industrial foods.)

2. Try to include as many super foods in your body as possible per day. (Only the ones you can stand.) Kate details what these super foods are and how to sneak them into your diet. She then fills the book with recipes, meal plans and snack ideas, as well as additional information on morning sickness remedies and foods to increase milk supply.

Pregnant friends - you WANT this book.
Against the Grain

This is the cookbook in the e-book bundle that I've devoted the most time to since Kate sent them to me. I've recently been re-evaluating whether grains, and especially gluten-based grains, are actually good for me. 

This book lightened my outlook considerably because I no longer feel like I need to go all-or-nothing on grains. Kate writes that even having a few grain-free meals or days a week can improve your health and help you shift excess weight. (Music to my ears!)

I cooked two of the recipes from Against the Grain on the weekend and they were AMAZING. I was in heaven and thought I would be happy eating these recipes in a restaurant. The two I made were Herb Roasted Chicken and Creamy Potato Chunks. My photos really don't do justice to these recipes.

Herb Roasted Chicken.
Herb Roasted Chicken and Creamy Potato Chunks served with steamed broccoli and raw carrots.
I loved these recipes because they were satisfying, nutritious, flavoursome, creamy and gorgeous. In fact, I'm making the creamy potato chunks again tonight and I'm planning on making a whole lot more grain-free meals from Against the Grain over the coming weeks. Who said grain-free meals had to be boring?

For your chance to win these e-books and more, head over to Nourishing Treasures Facebook Page and start commenting.

If you're not the lucky winner of this giveaway, have a nosy over at Modern Alternative Mama's e-shop, where you can buy the whole set of three e-books for US $19.95.

Update: I've just signed up to be an affiliate for Modern Alternative Mama, since I'm loving her books so much. This means if you buy any of her books after clicking through on one of the links I've put up, I will receive a commission for referring you.


  1. Hi Emma, I'm sure you're planning on it, but make the chicken in tomato cream sauce - really good! I think I halved the sauce because it seemed like a lot, but it was so good!

  2. Hey Debbie, I was planning to make that recipe this week, but forgot to get sundried tomatoes from the supermarket so have to wait. I'm so annoyed because it looks divine!

  3. I just joined your FB page. I really would like the book Against the Grain. NZ is one place I'd definitely want to visit.



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