Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Homegrown - Spring photo gallery

I snapped these photos of my garden today, while I was working in it.

I can't wait to eat the first strawberry of the year. (Who am I kidding? Lily will beat me to it.)
New lettuce, spinach and swiss chard planted between existing strawberries and swiss chard.
Herb wall: Last year's tarragon, oregano, thyme and rosemary have bounced back.
Seaweed soaking. What you can't see is the smell. Pooey!
Toilet paper rolls planted with leeks and beans. 
Cauliflower planted out in peat pots that will disintegrate over time.
My soon-to-be zucchini garden.
Lemon tree in blossom (I've already removed more than half the buds, to encourage root growth.)
Masses of apple blossoms.
Potato plants emerging from the ground.
Beetroot harvest.
Lily enjoying a homemade ice-block in the sunshine.
Snow peas, beetroot, carrots. Beer bottle water globes (to drip feed snow peas). Pumpkin plants that have self-seeded from compost. I'll move them to another garden soon. 


  1. Your garden is rocking out! :D It looks really lovely

  2. Wow so pretty. I'm going to go otu and take some photos now too. Good idea.

  3. Your garden looks amazing, I can't believe how much stuff you're growing (my MIL swore she could never grow anything in Wellington :)

    I love your herb wall too!

  4. So jealous... we were in winter coats and mittens yesterday. A far cry from the sun and vibrant garden you show :)
    Good luck with your zucchini - that was one of our most successful crops this year. Even in our small space, we managed to grow quite a bit (and enjoy many different recipes as a result).

  5. Thanks for linking your great post to FAT TUESDAY. This was very interesting! You must be in a warm place! Hope to see you next week!

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  6. Hi Jill, I'm also thinking of going grain free, or at least gluten free. I'm working my way up to it slowly.


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