Thursday, September 8, 2011

GIVEAWAY WINNER! Lunette starter pack

Congratulations to...
Miss Delirious!

Thanks to the kind people of Lunette, you have won a Lunette starter pack, which includes one Lunette menstrual cup of your choice, plus two cloth pads.
To everyone else who entered this giveaway, thank you. As you know, I rate my Lunette menstrual cup highly - see my review here - and recommend you order one for yourself, either through  the Ecomoon website for NZD 68.00 or the Lunette website for NZD 71.00.

If you're gutted at missing out on the Lunette giveaway, this might cheer you up: In celebration of my birthday month (because it takes a whole month to celebrate), I'm running another giveaway here tomorrow.

See you tomorrow for more chances to win at Craving Fresh.


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