Friday, September 2, 2011

GIVEAWAY! Lunette starter pack

This giveaway is now closed.

I haven't mentioned this before, but September is my birthday month. To kick off celebrations, I gave away a Brita Marella filter jug yesterday. Now today I'm running another giveaway - this one for the ladies.

I raved about my Lunette menstrual cup back in June; now, thanks to the generous people of Lunette, you have a chance to win the menstrual cup of your choice, plus two cloth pads.

How to enter
The competition opens now and will run through till 8am next Thursday 8 September 2011 (New Zealand time). A winner will be selected at random from the comments below.

There are a variety of ways to enter this competition, just leave a separate comment below for each method you choose.

Include an email address for me to contact you on if you are the winner. Write it in code though so the spam bots don't find it, eg. cravingfresh (at) yahoo (dot) com. You can either include the email address in your comment/s below, or email it to me separately at cravingfresh (at) yahoo (dot) com.

  1. Visit the Lunette website and comment below why you would like to win the Lunette starter pack. 
  2. Become a fan of Craving Fresh on Facebook (and let me know in the comments below that you've done so - comment if you're already a fan as well).
  3. Post a link to this giveaway on Facebook (and comment below that you've done so).
  4. Follow Craving Fresh (and comment below that you do).
  5. Sign up to receive Craving Fresh emails (and comment below that you've done so).
  6. Tweet about this giveaway (and comment below that you've done so).

If you have trouble posting a comment below, please tell me so on the Craving Fresh Facebook page and submit your entries there instead.

Thanks and good luck!


  1. Note: Leanne has emailed an entry.

  2. I would love to win a lunette cup because it is both cost effective and environmentally friendly. Double awesome.

    Thanks Emma for this giveaway.


  3. I'm a big fan of Craving Fresh (I follow your blog and signed up hubby on Facebooks some time ago)...and would be super keen to win the Lunette cup. Kate x

  4. Hi Emma,

    I have done all of the above! I have never heard of these products, but it sounds so amazing! I defiantly am going to encourage others to be aware of it.

    The eco-friendly part, and price saving just sold me! I find I cannot use many branded tampons, as it makes me get very sore cramps. Sometimes, I think it’s all in my head: cause it doesn’t feel natural using all these expensive products. But something like this is exciting!

    Finally, I can’t believe no one has ever told me about these- guess that why your blog so great Emma! Keep speaking up, and please let me know where I can purchase this wee product too xx

  5. Hey Emma, I already follow Craving Fresh. Cool giveaway - would love to be 'in to win'. Thanks!

  6. Hey Emma, Just shared your post on Facebook. :)

  7. I'm a new follower on facebook.
    Heard a lot about this product, would love to win.


    gem (dot) wood (at) gmail (dot) (com)

  8. yes i would love to win this!
    also a fan on facebook :)

  9. Would love to cut down on waste- this would be super :)

  10. oh... And I have followed on facebook :)

  11. and signed up to receive your emails too :) Fingers crossed

  12. Becky R emailed through an entry.


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