Tuesday, August 16, 2011

L's funny words and other cute things

L (23 months) planking on a giant penguin at Te Papa museum.
My gorgeous daughter, L, is turning two next month. They say two is the age when kids really start speaking, and L is no exception. It seems like every hour she is trying out new words and nailing them.

Before she gets too good at this talking thing, I wanted to note down some of her more funny mispronunciations.

Technically, L can say some of the following words correctly - we've tested her - but she still prefers to say them as follows:

"Winkle star" = Twinkle star
"Tooter" = Computer
"Onus" = Orange
"Sosa" = Sorry
"Yockick" = Yoghurt
"I-berg" = Iceberg (from bath-berg fun)
"Tumble" = Apple crumble
"O-tay" = OK
"I low you" = I love you
"Anoo" = Anwyn - one of L's church buddies and neighbours
"Nu wun" = Nudey run (Side note: this is L's favourite thing to do after a bath. Nudey runs last about an hour and we're finding them very helpful for toilet training - 3 wees on the potty this week so far! For those of you with kids at that stage, Angela of Striking Keys has done an excellent post on toilet training.)
"Polly" - Lolly pop
"Marshow" - Marshmallow
"Farts" - Felts (I know what you were thinking)
"Papier" - Paper
"A C" - Vitamin C
"ABCD" - It's not the "ABCs", it's the "ABCDs" for Lily.
"S sister" - Not just "S", but "S sister"
"Mook" - Milk
"Nummus" - Numbers
"Cakay" - Cake
"Amools" - Animals

Big girl bed
We moved L into her 'big girl bed' this week. We tried giving her the option for a few days of which bed to sleep in, but she kept choosing her cot AKA 'little bed'. It started getting desperate for two reasons:
  1. S is fast outgrowing her bassinet and needs to shift to the cot soon.
  2. L's toy collection takes up more of the cot than she does.
In the end we took a cue from Anoo's parents, Nathan and Amber, and just pulled the mattress and bedding off little bed saying, "Guess what L, tonight you're sleeping in the big girl bed." She was OK with that, although she still asks for little bed from time to time.
L getting ready to sleep in her 'big girl bed' - 23 months.
The parrot strikes
Judging by L's pretend phone conversations, which I'm guessing are copied off my real ones, I think she must hear me say, "Ummm, yeah, ha ha ha," a lot.

Might need to work on my small talk skills.

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