Sunday, July 18, 2010

What's been cooking - 18 July 2010

Sunday (Vegetarian)
Pumpkin soup and sourbread (bought from the Hamilton Farmers' Market)

Monday (Vegetarian) 
Indonesian rice with Thai peanut coconut sauce and Spinach pasta salad at our bible study group shared dinner.

Tuesday (Beef)
Simple sausage hot pot (from Destitute Gourmet's 100+ Tasty $10 Meals).

Wednesday (Lamb) 
We went to our friends' house for dinner where they served us delicious roast lamb, potato and kumara with gravy, broccoli, peas and corn. Paul made Ambrosia for dessert.

Thursday (Beef)
Spicy shin on bone casserole with mashed potatoes. (I left the meat on the bone to cook this casserole, so the nutrients from the marrow and bone could seep into the dish.)

Friday (Chicken)
Chicken stir-fry stew on basic brown rice. (Both recipes from Nourishing Traditions.)

Saturday (Chicken)
We went to a friend's house for a shared birthday dinner and had Basil and Parmesan tortellini with Alfredo sauce and roast chicken stirred through. We also ate a spinach, carrot and feta salad, and an amazingly divine chocolate mud cake for dessert (which I ate despite the refined sugar content. I'm not worried though. I was talking with a friend who is also giving up refined sugar and we decided it's fine to go without at home, where we're able to prepare our own foods, but it would be silly to go so overboard that we can't enjoy a piece of a friend's birthday cake. Life is for living after all).

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