Thursday, August 25, 2011

GIVEAWAY! Brita Marella cool blue jug and 2 bonus filters

This giveaway is now closed.

You may remember I recently reviewed Brita's water filter jug, which I use to filter our tap water at home.
BRITA Marella Cool Jug
Well I have good news - Brita is going to give a Brita Marella cool blue jug plus 2 bonus MAXTRA cartridge filters to one of Craving Fresh's readers. One filter lasts for two months and you get a filter with the jug as well, so this prize pack will give you six months worth of filtering joy for free.

How to enter
The competition opens now and will run through till 8am next Thursday 1 September 2011 (New Zealand time). A winner will be selected at random from the comments below.

There are a variety of ways to enter this competition, just leave a separate comment below for each method you choose.

Include an email address for me to contact you on if you are the winner. Write it in code though so the spam bots don't find it, eg. cravingfresh (at) yahoo (dot) com. You can either include the email address below, or email it to me separately at cravingfresh (at) yahoo (dot) com.
  1. Visit the Brita website: and comment below why you would like to win the Brita Marella cool blue jug. 
  2. Become a fan of Brita on Facebook (and let me know in the comments below).
  3. Become a fan of Craving Fresh on Facebook (and let me know in the comments below that you've done so - comment if you're already a fan as well).
  4. Post a link to this giveaway on Facebook (and comment below that you've done so).
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  7. Tweet about this giveaway (and comment below that you've done so).
*UPDATE: Some people are having trouble posting comments below. If that's you and you still want to enter the competition, post your comments over at Craving Fresh on Facebook.

Thanks for entering this giveaway competition. Good luck to you all! 


  1. Hey Emma, thanks so much for the chance to enter this giveaway. My first comment disappeared thanks to blogger signing me up - I had written a big long comment blabbing on so you are probably relieved not to have to read it lol.

    1. I'd love to chance to try a Brita water filter. I've read rave reviews on a few blogs and would love to try one as I am a full-time water-drinker! I also am pro-fluoride in water so it is good Brita filters do not filter out fluoride, although here in Chch we do not have fluoridated water so it doesn't really matter!

    3. I am a fan of Craving Fresh on Facebook.

    5. I follow Craving Fresh blog.

  2. 4. And I just shared it on Facebook :)

  3. We've always boiled water for drinking in our household - having grown up in a country where we've always had to do that, it's a habit that's tough to break. Having a Brita water jug with a filter would save us boiling and then cooling our drinking water. :)

    burntmuffin (at) gmail (dot) com

  4. Hi Emma, Jodie here,
    So excited about this competition was looking at these filters jst the other day.

    1.I would love to win a Brita water filter because I need filtered water for many recipes that I make, but don't have one so have to boil water and let it cool before being able to use it. Having a water filter would make these recipes that much simpler.

    3. I am a fan of craving fresh on Facebook.

    Thanks heaps Emma. You do such a great job with Craving Fresh.

    Jodie. tjfranklin(at) gmail(dot) com.

  5. I shared on Facebook too! Thanks Emma! xx
    Ruth Beale

  6. I'm a fan of Craving Fresh on Facebook
    x Ruth B

  7. I've signed up to Craving Fresh emails.

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. HI Emma,
    Heather Dunlop here,
    I would love one of these Brita water filter jugs as Sandy and I drink heaps of water it would be good to know that all the impurities have been filtered out of the water before we drink the copious amounts that we do - we pretty much don't drink anything other than tap water. I also love the jug that you have at your place and found it very easy to use and the water tasted so much better.
    I became a fan of Brita and have been a fan of Craving Fresh on FB and follow Craving fresh also. and Shared this link on FB.
    I don't tweet so I can't do that.
    I will sign up for Craving Fresh emails right now.
    Love reading your blogs.

  10. i would love to win, as am trying my best (its hard!!) to eat healthier and live a healthier lifestyle.

    annemarie at digitalisinteractive dot co dot nz

    Fantastic blog by the way!!

  11. I would love to win Britta to ensure that my family and I can enjoy and have confidence in the water you consume.

    maricrisw at yahoo dot com

  12. Already a fan of Britta
    maricrisw at yahoo dot com

  13. I bought Mum a Brita for her birthday and enjoy the water out her place so would love one for myself though!

  14. Am now a fan of Brita on facebook

  15. Am now a fan of Craving Fresh on Facebook - glad to have found the page!

  16. Have tweeted and subscribed to Craving Fresh for emails too!

  17. I'm a fan of Craving Fresh on Facebook

  18. I'm a fan of brita on Facebook

  19. Posted a link to this giveaway on Facebook

  20. Post a link to this giveaway on twitter

  21. would ♥ⓛⓞⓥⓔ♥☞ to win BRITA filter jug as I hate the taste and smell of chemicals in auckland water, I know I would drink more water if it was filtered as it tastes better and is better 4 u

  22. I would love to win this for my daughter. Her tap water tastes foul since our earthquakes, here in Christchurch.

  23. I would love to win a Brita filter jug - I may actually drink a decent amount of water (hate tap water) and know my 4 year old (who drinks alot of water) is getting water that is good for him

    vintagemum[@]hotmail dot com aka Kelly (having trouble commenting through blogger)

  24. Now a fan of Brita on Facebook :)
    Already a fan of Craving Fresh on Facebook :)
    Have shared a link on Facebook (reluctantly hehe)
    Am a follower of Craving Fresh :)
    Have signed up for email updates :)
    Tweeted this giveaway :D

    vintagemum[@]hotmail dot com

  25. Hey Emma, Shelley here.. I would love to win a Brita Filter Jug - have considered it many times and got very close to ordering one before. Love your blog and all your tips! Keep up the good work!
    shelleyannepatrick at hotmail dot com

  26. Hey Emma, I would love to win a Brita Marella jug for when (not if :-)) we come back to NZ.
    I have become a fan of Brita on facebook.
    I'm a fan of Craving Fresh on facebook.
    I follow Craving Fresh.
    I've signed up to receive Craving Fresh emails.
    Thanks for the opportunity Emma! Jo (Morrison)
    joanna at mojo dot net dot nz


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