Sunday, March 21, 2010

What's been cooking - 21 March 2010

I've been reading loads of blogs about frugal living and have learned that menu planning is a great way to save money on your grocery bill. 

Over the years I've sporadically menu planned, but am now committed to doing it weekly. I've got a whiteboard to write the coming week's dinners on, plus a stack of my favourite cookbooks to flick through for inspiration. First I'll take a look through my pantry, fridge, freezer and garden to see what needs using up.

I'm not totally rigid when it comes to following the plan; if something comes up or we have heaps of leftovers one night, I'm happy to shift a meal to another day. 

I actually did last week's menu plan on Monday and after a bit of chopping and changing, this is what we ate:

Monday: Silverbeet Tart with relish, Bananaberry cake (to take to a shared dinner at our Monday bible study group, so there was more food than this).

Tuesday: Spicy beef casserole, mashed potatoes, sweet corn, marinated courgette. Chocolate chunk oat biscuits. (Made extra for friends who have just had a baby.)

Wednesday: Beef and vegetable stirfry with udon noodles and cashews. (No photo unfortunately, but I packed this full of vegetables - broccoli, cauliflower, celery, carrots, courgettes, red yellow and green capsicums, onion, garlic and ginger. It made heaps so we had leftovers for lunches the next day.)

Thursday: Sweet and sour beef casserole on rice. (I was planning to make a tuna pasta bake  but defrosted too much blade steak on Tuesday so had to make another casserole.)

Friday: Glazed chilli lime chicken, roast potatoes and red onion, warm tomato zucchini salsa (flatmate Toia cooked)

Saturday: Sweet and spicy curried chicken and chickpeas on rice with cucumber and sesame salad. (Lots of leftovers for lunches.)

Sunday: Soy and ginger glazed salmon, Three-cheese stuffed peppers (I've made the salmon recipe heaps before, but the roast capsicum dish was new. It was amazing! I'll definitely be making it again.)


  1. This is the best way to shop! Gareth and I plan all our meals each week before we shop and i think it is the only way we manage to stay on budget. Another hint is we only plan for 6 meals a week. that way one meal is based on either left overs or me putting something together from what is left in the house. it makes sure you use up all of your food. And even when we are eating at home less than 6 times during the week. I still buy enough for that many meals usually to ensure that in the future we will have enough food for guests or times of need.

  2. Hey Andie,
    What did you guys eat this week? I'd love to see your menu plan for inspiration.

  3. hmmm ok this week has been a bit different but here goes.

    Tandori Chicken drumsticks, with mashed potato and steamed veges

    this is our date night! so this week we decided to get indian for dinner :)

    homemade pizza. i love making pizza dough in my bread machine! though i am keen to try out a pizza dough recipe from Sophie Gray too.

    Nachos. Not a big fan of this due to lack of veges but gareth loves it!

    Beef Kebabs - like burrito style. Love the different flavours in here. and even get in and make Tahini

    Beef and Tomato with scalloped potatoes

    Beef Lasange (as we have friends coming round so throwing this together) with lettuce salad

    Chicken thai stirfry with udon noodles

    so thats us for the week!

  4. Wow! I wish I ate at your house. I have so many questions for you:
    How do you make Tahini?
    What's your tandoori chicken recipe?
    What is beef and tomatoes?
    What's your chicken thai stirfry recipe?
    What do you put on your pizza?


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