Monday, March 22, 2010

My inspiration Mondays - Mel and Ben

I've mentioned my sister, Mel, and her husband, Ben, many times in various blog posts, so it's about time I give credit where credit is due and recognise them as one of my official inspirations. 

With a whole lot of hard work and determination, Mel and Ben have managed to buy and develop a 2 1/2 acre lifestyle block in Auckland. On their property they now raise cows for beef, run chickens for eggs, and grow a vegetable garden and orchard, all while raising two gorgeous kids and working in their day jobs.
It's great having someone to talk to about my attempts to live a more healthful life, and Mel is that person. She's often recommending (if not buying) great books to inspire me, and she was the one who first encouraged me to try for a pain-med-free delivery with L. I'm glad to have such an awesome, encouraging sister; it makes bucking the norm that feel more possible.

Ben has a Horticulture degree from Massey University so he's a wealth of knowledge when it comes to all things green. Handy when he's able to take a look at my wilting courgette plants and recommend extra potassium.

I like that my nephew and niece are able to read books about farm animals and then look outside to see the same animals in flesh and blood. My nephew is a big help around the property, sitting on Dad's shoulders while Mum and Dad move stock and helping to feed the calves. 

It won't be long before my little niece is helping out right alongside although she's already very good at eating beans and snow peas from the garden.

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