Sunday, April 19, 2020

What we ate, week ending 18 April 2020

Hey friends! How are you doing?

We're doing well. It has been a couple of weeks since my last supermarket shop, so I'm very grateful for my local dairy, which has kept us stocked in bread, flour, milk, cream, bananas, apples, onions and other essential food items like chocolate. I'm also grateful for my garden, which has provided us with fresh fruit and vegetables.

I think I'll try to go another week at least before heading to the supermarket. There are still lots of things in my freezer I'd like to use up, rather than stacking more food on top of them.

Breakfast - The kids had cereal and Easter eggs (Happy Easter!). I made myself a tuna salad (pictured above) with plain tuna, cottage cheese, diced apple and celery, and a few leaves of spinach, lettuce and coriander from my garden. The salad didn't have as much flavour as I would have liked.

Lunch - Paul cooked us all French toast; I also finished the last slice of mince and cheese pie from Saturday night's dinner.

Snack - More Easter eggs.

Dinner - Honey soy chicken kebabs, homemade potato wedges and green peas.

Breakfast - The kids had cereal; I intermittent fasted.

Lunch - Feijoa smoothies and salami slices.

Snack - Paul made popcorn and fairy bread because the kids were doing an online Minecraft birthday party for their cousins.

Dinner - Slow Cooker Korean Beef on rice cooked in homemade chicken stock and served with a side of stir-fried vegetables. I got gravy beef on special at my last supermarket shop, and I've seen Frugal Fit Mom make this recipe a lot, so I decided to give it a try. It turned out delicious. We ate it all, with no leftovers.

Breakfast - The girls and I had sugar-free chocolate frappes (made with homemade milk kefir, vanilla protein powder, cocoa powder, Natvia and Strawberry Kids Good Stuff); I also wanted something to crunch on, so I ate a few crackers topped with basil pesto and tomato slices; Master J ate cereal. (Sultana Buds, to be precise.)

Lunch - This was a bit of a hodge podge lunch: Miss S had Milo Cereal; Master J had feijoas from our garden and a few slices of salami; Miss L had a salami salad sandwich; I made myself another tuna and cottage cheese salad, but this time I added basil pesto and lots of cherry tomatoes from my garden for increased flavour.

Snack - Feijoas

Dinner - Nachos (pictured above). There was enough beef/refried bean mixture leftover from this meal to make 12 burritos to freeze for future meals.

Breakfast - The kids ate cereal; I had my world famous Chocolate Chia Seed Pudding.

Lunch - Overnight bread and salami sandwiches.

Snack - Feijoas from the garden (pictured above).

Dinner - Lime and chilli butterfly chicken, roast potatoes and green beans.

Breakfast - The kids had their usual cereal and I once again ate Chocolate Chia Seed Pudding.

Lunch - Stove popped popcorn and homemade banana ice cream (pictured above). This was actually healthier than it looks, as the ice cream was made with frozen bananas, cream and vanilla protein powder.

Snack - Chocolate chip cookies and Banana chocolate chip muffins. (I had a bit of a baking day.)

Dinner - Chicken enchiladas (using up the leftover chicken from Wednesday night's roast chicken and the leftover sour cream from Tuesday's nachos, as well as some grated zucchini from our freezer.

Breakfast - The kids ate cereal; I intermittent fasted.

Lunch - I cooked bacon for the kids and served it with a platter of feijoas and New Zealand cranberries from our garden. I then used the bacon grease to cook eggs from our chooks and tomatoes from our garden for me.

Snack - Chocolate chip cookies and Banana chocolate chip muffins that I had baked the previous day.

Dinner - Homemade pizza (pictured above). We saw a cute video of a one-year-old Miss L making pizza with her daddy on Facebook memories, and it inspired us to make pizza again. I made the dough in the bread-maker, and then we divided it up so everyone got to choose their own toppings. This dinner went down a treat. Everyone loved it and that NEVER happens. I served sliced apple and carrot on the side, because we all like having something fresh to crunch on with our meals.

Breakfast - The kids had Up & Go, which I had bought for a homeschool camping trip we were meant to go on before we decided to self-isolate. (Our family chose to self-isolate a week before the government made in mandatory.) I ate leftover enchiladas from Thursday.

Lunch - Leftover pizza.

Snack - Feijoas and apples for the kids. I ate Easiyo banana yoghurt. (I bought Easiyo sachets in every flavour, so we can enjoy fresh yoghurt during the lockdown.)

Dinner - Pumpkin macaroni and cheese served with a side of buttered green beans and peas topped with sliced almonds (pictured top). We had our best ever pumpkin harvest this summer, so I've been adding pumpkin to all sorts of recipes. I had enough macaroni and cheese to freeze half in a lidded Pyrex container for another dinner. I also had some pumpkin puree leftover, so I whipped up a couple of loaves of Pumpkin Bread.

There endeth our week of meals. What's been cooking in your bubble?

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