Saturday, April 4, 2020

What we ate in our third week of COVID-19 isolation

Hey friends, can you believe it's already been another week? I feel like I just posted last week's menu yesterday.

This week I pulled all sorts of things out of the freezer to clear up space and use up what we had so it doesn't go bad.

We've managed to get most fresh things we need, like bread, eggs, milk, cream and bananas, from our local dairy, so I haven't had to venture out to a supermarket for a couple of weeks. However, I've just run out of sugar-free drinking chocolate so I'm going to have to make a supermarket move soon. Wish me luck!

Here's what we ate this week.

Breakfast - Paul made fluffy pancakes for him and the kids.

Lunch - Peanut butter sandwiches and apple slices for the kids.

Snacks - Orchard apples

Dinner - Leftover Gnocchi from Saturday night, served with pasta sauce and cheese.

Breakfast - Paul made the kids French toast. I ate bircher muesli that I had soaked overnight in milk kefir and mango yoghurt.

Lunch - Peanut butter sandwiches and apple slices for the kids. I had Quick Keto Toast topped with basil pesto and sliced tomatoes from our garden.

Snack - Orchard apples

Dinner - Roast chicken and gravy, roast potatoes, green beans and peas.

Breakfast - Paul made the kids French toast again. For myself, I made a green smoothie, which featured frozen cauliflower, frozen strawberries, frozen kale, a scoop of vanilla protein and collagen powder, homemade milk kefir and chia seeds soaked in water.

Lunch - The girls made feijoa smoothies for everyone, using feijoas from our garden as well as frozen bananas and homemade milk kefir.

Snack - Pumpkin bread, featuring pumpkin from our garden that I had cooked, pureed and frozen. (This pumpkin bread recipe is soooo yummy!)

Dinner - Quesadillas (pictured above) filled with some of the leftover roast chicken from Monday, as well as homemade refried beans, salsa and cheese

Breakfast - Cereal for the kids; Leftover quesadillas for me.

Lunch - Pumpkin Bread (pictured above). The recipe makes two loaves.

Snack - Orchard apples.

Dinner - Paul made tortilla wraps filled with chicken chippees, tomatoes, coriander and lettuce from our garden, as well as grated carrot and grated cheese. My eldest daughter and I used lettuce for our wraps instead of tortillas and it tasted so fresh and delicious.

Breakfast - Cereal for the kids; Quick Keto Toast with basil pesto and tomatoes for me.

Lunch - Chicken soup (pulled out of the freezer) served with homemade dinner rolls.

Snack - Apples and Pumpkin Bread. Paul also bought everyone ice-blocks from the dairy when we went for a family walk around the neighbourhood.

Dinner - Chicken and sun-dried tomato risotto (pictured above), served with a platter of fresh fruit and vegetables. I made the Arborio rice risotto in my Thermomix, using homemade chicken stock as well as tomatoes from our garden that I had dried in our dehydrator last week. This dinner also used up the last of the chicken from Monday's roast chicken dinner, so that one roast chicken fed us for three meals, plus I'll turn the carcass into more chicken stock and then garden fertiliser after that. (To make the fertiliser, I just whizz up all the spent bones and vege scraps with water and then thin that mixture out with more water before pouring it around the base of all of my fruit trees. I'm able to do this because my Thermomix is seriously powerful.)

Breakfast - The kids ate baked beans on toast; I ate leftover chicken risotto.

Lunch - We finished off the dinner rolls and pumpkin bread, and also had a platter of apple slices, pear slices and cherry tomatoes from the garden. Paul and the kids all ate a mini salami stick as well, for some protein.

Snack - Banana chocolate chip muffins that I pulled out of the freezer. Apples.

Dinner - Lasagne (pictured above). I used the leftover spaghetti bolognese sauce that I had previously frozen for the meat segment of this lasagne, so all I had to do was cook the cheese sauce, layer everything together and bake.


Breakfast - Paul cooked us fried bacon, eggs and tomatoes and served them on Freya's wholemeal toast, which he picked up at the dairy.

Lunch - Paul cooked two minute noodles for the kids and made himself a salad and salami sandwich. I made myself a chocolate and cauliflower protein frappe.

Snack - Apples; Checkerboard cookies I pulled out of the freezer.

Dinner - Leftover butter chicken and tikka masala that I pulled out of the freezer. These were pretty big lunch-sized servings I had made for Paul to take to work, but since he doesn't need them for that during the lockdown, I thought we could use them up for an easy dinner.

And that's how our week of food went. Anything interesting to report from your kitchens?

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