Saturday, June 22, 2019

How our garden is feeding us over winter

Even though it's winter here in New Zealand, my garden is still cranking out a decent harvest each week - and I'm loving it.
I have my pick of kale, spinach, coriander (cilantro), basil and parsley every day for salads, smoothies or sandwich toppings.
I've also been harvesting and boiling beetroot to add to my salads when I feel like it. They add such a lovely pop of colour. Yesterday, I even remembered to chuck the beetroot leaves into my smoothie for an extra iron boost.

Nut Fox has starting laying an egg a day, and although they're pretty small (since she's a young Silkie), they taste great. Rosie Posie is a few weeks younger than Nut Fox, but she should also start laying soon. Fluffles seems to have aged out of laying for us, but that's okay. She's still leaving her fertiliser deposits around the raised beds, which is the main reason I wanted to get chickens.

Fruit-wise, our feijoas only finished a week ago, but we're still getting a steady supply of limes, mandarins, lemons and oranges. In fact, I'm drinking a freshly squeezed lime juice as I type this. It's my absolute favourite drink.

Oh, and it's not just fresh garden produce we're eating. Many of our dinners also feature homegrown veges I froze during the summer months. I regularly throw grated zucchini, tomato puree or cherry tomatoes into meals such as curry or spaghetti & meat balls.

It's so satisfying eating all this fresh, vibrant food we grew right here at home. And it seems like every year the harvest is multiplying, especially now that our fruit trees are getting more established. I can't wait to see what next year brings.

What has your garden been producing for you lately?


  1. Watercress! We planted it in a raised bed 'just to try it out' and OMG, it's done so well! Just keeps spreading and I keep picking it for salads and soups and whatnot.

    We're down in Invercargill though, so it's pretty... wet atm. :)

    1. What does it taste like? I don't think I've ever eaten it.


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