Wednesday, September 26, 2018

The Anger of Angels - a giveaway

It's a good day to be alive, my book-loving friends. Sherryl Jordan is back!

Like many of you, I had a love affair with Sherryl Jordan's writing during my teenage years. In fact, I credit her with getting me a lead role in my high school play. I acted out a scene from Winter of Fire for my Year 10 drama class, and I could see the scene so clearly in my mind's eye (because Sherryl Jordan is such an epically good writer), that my drama teacher gave me 20/20 for my acting and cast me as Frenchy in Grease. It was one of the highlights of my high school career, so thank you, Sherryl!

In any case, I was gutted when I got the news that Sherryl Jordan had to stop writing because she had crippling hand pain caused by OOS. It's been a long, sad Sherryl-drought since then.

Until now.

Sherryl Jordan's first Young Adult fiction in ages just hit the shelves, and I devoured it. Oh yes I did.

The Anger of Angels has everything I desire in a book: good people thrust into difficult situations and choosing to do the right thing despite the potential cost to themselves; a sweet love story between two people I care about; and magic. (All books should contain magic, if they can possibly help it.)

The Anger of Angels also has a sequel in the works, yet the story feels complete enough on its own that you won't be throwing coffee cups at the wall when you reach the last page. I am definitely looking forward to the sequel though, because there are things I want to see play out.

Now, I have a giveaway for you. (I told you it was a good day.) If you live in New Zealand and would like to enter the draw to win a copy of The Anger of Angels, simply comment on this post, or on my Facebook post about this post, or on my Instagram photo about this post. That's it.

For extra entries, tag a friend on Facebook or Instagram, who you think would like to win a copy of The Anger of Angels. I will draw the winner at 2pm on Saturday 6 October.

Good luck!



  1. I have never heard of her. I would love to have a read and see if she is as good as you are painting. (great expectations!)

    1. Awesome! I'll enter you in the draw, Ruth. In the meantime, check out her back catalogue from the library. I particularly loved Rocco, Winter of Fire and The Raging Quiet.


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