Sunday, May 6, 2018

Frugal but dreamy Mother's Day gift ideas

The countdown is on till Mother's Day.

I don't know whether that's a big deal in your house or not. In ours, it's becoming more of a big deal each year, as the kids grow more aware of what Mother's Day is all about. I have to say, I'm pretty happy with that state of affairs. I love me a good day of pampering and relaxation.

On Friday I caught up with Diane from Radio Rhema to talk about frugal gift ideas. I shared with Di five gift ideas that, as a Mother, I would love to receive from my kids and husband - all which cost absolutely nothing. Most of these ideas will work for grandma too, especially if she lives near you.

You can listen to my chat with Diane here.

These are the five free and completely dreamy gift ideas I shared with Diane...

1. Tackle a job for Mum.
Give Mum a job request form to fill out, and then tackle her requested job quickly, cheerfully and diligently. I whipped up the following Mother's Day task request form, which you are welcome to copy or print.

2. Make a home video
Gather up all the snippets of videos from your various devices and edit them together into a special Mother's Day 2018 home video. Record a message from you and each of the kids, telling Mum all the things you love about her to introduce the video.

3. Give Mum a spa treatment at home
Get the kids involved with this one. I'm sure they'd love to set up a pamper session for Mum. Run her a bubble bath, or set up a foot spa for her and give her feet and hand massages. Get out the massage oils to give her a back rub. Heat up river stones in hot water and use them to give Mum a hot rock massage treatment. Finish everything up with painted nails and moisturiser. Simple, but such a treat for Mum.

4. Give Mum a day free from the mental load
"Don't worry, Mum. Dad and the kids have everything sorted today. We're going to take care of all the meals, all the chores, all the activities. You just come along for the ride and we'll keep everything running smoothly." How good would that sound?

5. Write Mum a letter
Get Dad and each of the kids to write Mum a letter, telling her all the things you love and appreciate about her. Mums can be their own worst critics sometimes, so it's really important to take opportunities like Mother's Day to remind her exactly how wonderful and vital she is.

So there you have it. My five ideas for a dream Mother's Day. Is there anything else you would add to the list?

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