Thursday, November 16, 2017

Our family menu plan for 16 - 24 November

We went grocery shopping yesterday and are hoping the groceries will last us for the rest of our beach holiday so we don't have to go back to the shop.

Last night I drafted up a quick menu plan on my phone to increase our chances of using all our food at the right time - before anything goes bad - and to ensure we stretch things till next weekend.

Here's our menu plan for the next week and a bit.

B: Baked beans on toast. (Chocolate protein shake for me.)
L: Ciabatta with ham and salad fixings
D: Mince pasta bake

B: Baked beans on toast. (Chocolate protein shake for me.)
L: Ciabatta with ham and salad fixings
D: Red curry on rice. A side of broccoli and green beans.

B: Cereal / Chocolate banana smoothies
L: Hot dogs (defrost buns)
D: Crispy chicken wraps

B: Cereal / Vanilla smoothies
L: Wraps with ham and salad
D: Pizza and chips with vegetable crudités

Monday (make chicken stock)
B: Cereal / Hash browns, baked beans and fried tomatoes
L: Tortilla pizzas
D: Korma chicken on rice cooked in chicken stock. Side of green beans and broccoli

B: Baked beans on toast (Chocolate protein shake for me.)
L: Hash browns and fruit platter
D: Spinach soup and toast

B: Cereal / smoothies
L: Leftover spinach soup and toast
D: Asian Mince on Rice cooked in chicken stock (make double rice)

B: Cereal / Hash browns and baked beans
L: Homemade tortillas with random fillings from fridge
D: Chinese Fried Rice

Friday & Saturday
Leftovers - clean out the fridge, freezer and pantry

A note about protein shakes: I've been experimenting with having a protein shake in the morning for breakfast since I usually don't wake up very hungry and this is a quick thing I can easily mix up in a glass. I just mix two scoops of chocolate protein powder with half almond milk/half water. So quick and easy - and barely any dishes created. At the moment I'm working through a Healtheries protein shake, and after that's gone I've got a Red Seal one to try. I got both of them on special at the supermarket.

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