Friday, May 19, 2017

A week of school lunch boxes

Hi friends!

This week I took photos of the girls' school lunch boxes each morning so I could show you what a week's worth of school lunches looks like around here. These are nothing fancy, not always very healthy, but actually what my girls eat. They both like different things, as you will see. L massively loves fruit, whereas S... not so much.

Here are those lunches for you:

L's lunch: Apple, feijoas, pizza, crackers, boiled egg, chocolate cake.

S's lunch: Strawberry yoghurt, pizza, chocolate cake, crackers, pistachios.
The pizza was leftover from dinner on Sunday night. Paul "cooked," since it was Mothers' Day, and bought a couple of extra pizzas so we'd have leftovers for lunches.

L's lunch: Apple, feijoa, gold kiwifruit, pizza, boiled egg, popcorn.

S's lunch: Strawberry yoghurt, pizza, apple slices, popcorn.
L's our early riser around here, so I woke up Wednesday morning and she had already packed her lunchbox. I was so impressed.
L's lunch: Apple, feijoa, gold kiwifruit, chocolate smoothie,
chocolate oat cookies, crackers (hiding underneath), gold kiwifruit. 

S's lunch: Berry yoghurt, vanilla smoothie, chocolate oat cookies,
homemade bun.

I woke up Thursday morning and L had already packed lunchboxes for her and S. I could get used to this.
L's lunch: Gold kiwifruit, mandarin, feijoas, gingernut,
crackers (hiding underneath), pistachios, apple slices, ham. 

S's lunch: Apple slices, ham, pistachios, gingernut, crackers,
strawberry yoghurt, mandarin. 

Friday (today!)
S woke up with a cough this morning, so I kept her home from school. What do you know? Within half an hour the cough had disappeared. It means I've only got one lunch to show you today.
L's lunch: Mandarin, feijoa, chocolate smoothie, kiwifruit,
soaked apple cinnamon muffin, chocolate oat cookie, crackers.

And there you have it. A week's worth of school lunches What do you feed your kids? I'm always looking for inspiration.


  1. Yum! Lots of healthy variety :)

    1. Ha, kind of healthy. If only my kids ate anything I fed them. Their lunch boxes would look quite different.


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