Saturday, September 17, 2016

Early Spring happenings in my garden

It was my Birthday this week so I treated myself to (what else?) plants for my garden. 

I bought a second dwarf apple tree to complement the Ballerina Bolero I had previously planted. The new tree is an Autento, which is said to have good disease resistance and tasty red apples.
Two dwarf apples - Autento and Ballerina Bolero
I also planted three Passionfruit Black Beauties to grow up different spots on my trellis and deck.
Passionfruit Black Beauty. 
I was just going to plant the next passionfruit into the ground, but decided it would look tidier and probably do better if I boxed it in since the ground slopes away.

I built a simple, little frame using leftover wood from my raised beds. Since it butts up against a raised bed and a concrete pad, the box only needed two more sides. I filled the box with compost, some existing dirt, used coffee grounds and sheep pellets and then covered it all with wood mulch.
Passionfruit Black Beauty and two strawberry plants.
Closer look at Passionfruit Black Beauty and strawberry.
The third passionfruit will grow up a deck post and along a piece of trellis I will attach to the frame of our deck roof. I also need to wrap some twine around the deck post to give the passionfruit something to cling to.

Since my earliest garden design, I've been planning to plant lavender in my citrus bed to provide a bit of colour and food for the bees. I finally planted three small lavenders this week to intersperse with my citrus trees. I also added a few more strawberry plants to this garden. You can never have too many strawbs.

My asparagus and garlic plants are coming along well, no thanks to my cat. I had to stick leafy twigs in between the asparagus crowns to stop my cat from using this garden as his toilet. The twigs seem to have done the trick.
Asparagus and garlic. 
I will leave you with a photo of my dwarf Peach Rose Chiffon. I'm in love with its vibrant pink flowers.

Aren't they sweet? 

Oh, and I forgot to say that I've just put through a Kings Seed order so I can get my vegetables and flowers planted. My mother-in-law is helping to pay for that for my Birthday. She knows me so well. 

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  1. What lovely blossoms. How long until you are likely to get apples? Did you choose this combo of apples for pollination purposes?


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